Soviet "Huffing and Puffing?" "Crying Wolf?" "Rattling Pots and Pans?" or "A Real Worry That We Could Come into Conflict through Miscalculation?"
Largest On-Line Set of Primary Sources on "The Last Paroxysm" of the Cold War Suggests ... Both

Part II: "Blue's use of nuclear weapons did not stop Orange's aggression."
Able Archer 83 Declassified

The 1983 War Scare: "The Last Paroxysm" of the Cold War
Part III: "Rather Stunning Array of Indicators" of the Soviet Reaction to Able Archer 83 had "A Dimension of Genuineness ... Often Not Reflected in Intelligence Issuances."

Former River Rouge School Official Sentenced to Prison
U.S. Attorney’s Office
May 22, 2013
Eastern District of Michigan

Ukraine’s international security role focus of Prosecutor General’s visit to INTERPOL
INTERPOL and IFAW agreement boosts global fight against wildlife crime

Former Russian spy 'would give evidence' to public inquiry into killing of Alexander Litvinenko
US-based witness could provide link between murdered dissident and senior Moscow figures

Julian Assange reveals GCHQ messages discussing Swedish extradition
WikiLeaks founder uses subject access request to access British agency chatter, which allegedly calls extradition 'a fit-up'

In South Korea, high-profile defector is accused of spying for the North — by his sister

In South Korea, high-profile defector is accused of spying for the North — by his sister

Iran hangs two men for spying for Israel and US
Iran hangs two spy suspects

Hackers Find China Is Land of Opportunity
Meet Zhang. He hacks for Beijing.
Hacking may be a threat "akin to a nuclear bomb." But the Chinese behind most attacks see it as a dull office job.

Holder: Obama’s New Drone-Strike ‘Playbook’ Has Arrived

Old School Chinese Espionage Behind Alleged NYU Theft

Kremlin orders Russian pollster to register as spy

Woolwich attack: echoes of foiled 2007 plot to behead soldier 'like a pig'

UK jihad murderer referred to Qur'an's 9th sura, which contains exhortation to kill infidels

Sweden: Police arrest eight as Muslim riots spread to Stockholm

Woolwich attacker told me he 'wanted to start a war', says woman who confronted knifeman

Eyewitness: Woolwich attackers 'were just crazed animals'

UK jihad murderer: "There are many, many ayah throughout the Koran that says we must fight them as they fight us"

Woolwich attack: terrorist proclaimed 'an eye for an eye' after attack

Mum talked down Woolwich terrorists who told her: 'We want to start a war in London tonight'

Malaysian charged with sedition, 2 more arrested

Google Inc (GOOG) Joins Apple Inc. (AAPL) On Tax Avoidance Issue

Advocacy group accuses Exxon of anti-gay hiring practices

Woolwich attack: David Cameron to lead Cobra meeting
PM to meet top advisers over emergency security measures following two arrests after 'shocking and horrific' murder

A Soviet Spy in Congress Still Has His Street

Navy’s High-Flying Spy Drone Completes Its First Flight

Spy’s licence to frill
British WW2 agent dressed in drag

The King and Spy: Edward VIII's phone calls were
bugged in abdication crisis, top secret documents reveal

Google Needs Extra Time to Spy on Your Kids

NYPD detective allegedly hacked 40 email accounts to spy on ex-girlfriend


Iran spy drone confirmed

Chicago students help get fish spy camera underwater in Antarctica

Kremlin orders Russian pollster to register itself as 'spy'

DOJ invoked Espionage Act in calling Fox News reporter criminal 'co-conspirator'
From the Daily: Press espionage


'The Moscow Rules' Are Ten Simple Reminders For Covert CIA Operations

Ten more arrested in Iranian espionage case
Bahrain, hosts of US Navy fleet, claims Iranian drone recovered

Turkey blames weapons smuggling on organized crime
Kurdish Crude Exports Via Turkey To Rise By 50 Percent Next Month: Report

UPDATE 2-Protesters halt oil flows on Libya Zueitina pipeline -sources

Myanmar sanctions list languishes
U.S. roster of repression stalls amid Obama's push for reforms

Scientists Allegedly Provided MRI Data to China

Iraq demands quality Ceylon Tea

ADAC will Kindersitze in Autos sicherer machen


Design is way forward for Australia's automotive industry 

Ford closure a blow to auto industry: Bendix

Auto industry can survive: Holden MD

Cheaper Car Price Will Create Healthy Competition In Local Automotive Industry, Says BMW CEO

Auto Industry Urged to Focus on Improving Air Quality

Red Bend Software to Present 'FOTA Best Practices for the Automotive Industry' at Automotive Linux Summit Spring

Obama must deliver on pledge to protect auto industry

China Should Stop ‘Micromanaging’ Auto Industry, Researcher Says

Fiat’s Marchionne Apologizes for Offensive Comment


VW diesel cars to get misfueling protection mods

US lawmakers seek to block transfer of missile defense data to Russia

No Mention of East Coast Missile Site in US House Panel Bill

Members of Congress want to prevent reduction in US missile defense in East Asia

NKorean leader sends envoy to ally China, veering from nuclear war threats to diplomacy

Iran acts to expand sensitive nuclear capacity: diplomats

Is the Musudan Real?

House Lawmakers Sprint Through Nuclear Arms Spending Debate
NRC Panel Reviews Fears Plutonium Vulnerable To Theft
Pentagon Authorizes Nuclear Materials Transport Under Nunn-Lugar Program
Senator Looks to Strengthen WMD Nonproliferation in Middle East, North Africa
Senators Aim to Arm Syrian Opposition
Reactor Vessel Arrives at Iran's Arak Plant: IAEA
North Korean Envoy Heads to China
Minuteman 3 ICBM Launched in Test
Oman, U.S. Close in on $2.1B Antimissile Deal
Russia to Retire, Destroy Two Nuke Subs
Mustard Agent Munitions Still Popping up in Utah

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