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2017年03月23日 イイね!
Japanese city set to become biggest to recognise same-sex relationships

Nearly two million more people will be able to have their LGBT relationships legally recognised from June.

Sapporo, a Japanese city on the northern island of Hokkaido, has finished a public consultation which led to an overwhelming 1,500 people writing in to support the proposal.
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Japan does not recognise same-sex marriage on a national basis, but the new law will confer more rights on LGBT couples.
Any couple over 20 years old who both live in the city will be allowed to ask for a “partnership vow,” which will enable them to be recipients of each other’s life insurance payouts.
The official recognition will also provide couples with the opportunity to use family discounts on commercial products, such as phone contracts.
The law was originally intended to come into effect in April, but it was postponed for a public consultation – which made many couples in the city nervous that it would never be implemented.

“I was anxious about a postponement,” 42-year-old Kumiko Kudo, who lives with her same-sex partner, told Japan Times.
“But now I feel relieved as (the government) made clear when it will start,” she said after sitting in on the session with the committee which decided the law’s starting date.
The decision comes hot on the heels of Japan electing its first trans man into public office, with Tomoya Hosoda winning the position of councillor in the central city of Iruma.
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2017年03月22日 イイね!
I was robbery and sexual assault .neighber hood my shelter.

I lost my items,Phones,CP,cosmetics,money,metro card,passport.

I went violence intervenition Program last midnight with LAPD officers.

Taked Photo,madications,corrected evidences.
and i must go to the MD until this september.

I have HIV checks.

I'm very upset now.
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2017年03月21日 イイね!
道警人事 警務部長に伊藤氏
03/15 05:00、03/15 07:59 更新
文字: 中大


 伊藤 隆行氏(いとう・たかゆき)東大法学部卒、93年警察庁入り。警視庁交通部交通総務課長、国税庁高松国税局課税部長、警察庁刑事局捜査2課 特殊詐欺 対策室長兼生活安全局付などを経て、15年8月から現職。東京都出身、46歳。




▽北見方面本部長 小南一盛




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2017年03月20日 イイね!
朝Churchに行った際にMy Friendから誘われてTransgenderの集まりに行って来ました.

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2017年03月19日 イイね!

▽総務部参事官兼総務課長(刑事部捜査1課長)尾辻英一 = 警視

Next Transferで警視正に昇任するPostです.
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「Japanese city set to become biggest to recognise same-sex relationships http://cvw.jp/b/1323561/39498460/
何シテル?   03/23 02:10
I am a Transgender woman. I live Los Angeles this year(2016). I escape fro...
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