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2016年03月17日 イイね!

There are so many helpless

Long distance relationships of friends, in his recent years must take good care of yourself! Don't hurt yourself because of the mistakes of others, not worth it!

Slowly understand believe long distance relationship is a so naive thing, young what all have no, we thought that each other have the so-called insist can walk to arrive together, but, when light relentless across, and then choose to insist on and I chose different ground, so much at a loss. Every choice is so difficult, no one will not heartache, maybe he (she) is for the sake of oneself, maybe he (she) is for the sake of the other party to make such a decision. But couldn't get together is by no means a person's fault, everyone has the power of the pursuit of better, if really can't continue, so let go of one another, let him (her) to fly, you have to develop truly belong to own that a piece of the sky!

Winter fell on the pedestrian wind don't understand amorous feelings, the gloomy sky, repelled WenRunXiu warming Yang jie, also desolate my mood.
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2016年03月08日 イイね!

In the scenic area on the west sie

Colorful tulips, around the lake magic flowers planted a piece of another piece, reaches down to the lake, surrounded in the weeping willow, rocks, golden jasmine, tender pink tulips Dream beauty pro hard sell, let a person give up to leave.

Bypass the magic flower lake Dream beauty pro hard sell, of presents an undulating slopes, named the flowers and hillsides with a slope of the earth, is a sea of flowers, very spectacular. Or alone love purple tulip, all the way to the top of the tulips and has long leaves primrose, hand in photograph reflect, constitute a beautiful picture scroll. Standing on the observation deck lookout flowers without even, in the heart of the sky as if were dyed brilliant color, at the end of the rainbow, may be buried with extraordinary dreams mask house.

Walk between the flowers, you will find that still white magnolia, open pink flowers hanging silk hitom and coloured hyacinth, the elves of the earth in April to the call of the warm wind brought to the world in the spring.
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2016年01月21日 イイね!

When love fade out of our life

A few days ago a friend told me Beauty Mama, she is going to flash marriage. Object is a man who know three months, family condition is very good, stable work, a pair of honesty. In fact, some love, may be a short period of time, can be determined, so, at first, I did not think much, just naturally bless her. But let then chat topic into the new problem, it turns out that this is the tragedy of a 28-year-old.
Remember a few years ago, when I was 25 years old birthday, my friends are, at that time, she still and my age Holiday Inn Macau, big deal than I a few days. She says she plans to put himself married before she was twenty-eight years old. I asked her with a smile, it was her idea, but I was her mother's idea. She answered with a smile I, it is. Twinkling of an eye, just to her bottom line. Finally, she trying to marry. I thought for a moment, I ask her, you see when she will have a full substantive sense? She said no. Even though she is very quiet, I also don't want to guess what. So I ask her, when you see him mouth naturally to rise subtank plus? She said as long as he is going to make me happy, I will laugh. I am really very helpless, finally I asked her, you really want to with he together? Don't want to leave each other? That friend smiled in lonely end of the telephone, said that this year where there is true love. Everyone is numb, impetuous, love incompetent. To hear her say so, I can only give only think of a word, I think you still under careful consideration. But I got the reply is, in fact, in our age, not impulsive, can't get married. A consideration, yellow. Maybe after marriage, running-in break-in. Walk down the aisle in this age, should, start the next leg of the life. Didn't seem to know from when to start, gradually faded out of the line of sight of our love. Of course there are still some people struggling.

I always appreciate a sentence, to find a favorite job, find a of the person you like, so 24 hours a day are happy. This sentence in many friends, of course, it seems too simple, sometimes naive, I admit it. It doesn't mean, however, that love is useless. Love originated in our brain, it brings us a kind of Angle away from the substrate. Similar to a kind of happiness, and that the source of happiness, is a unique him. When you see him, you should feel the inner peace and happiness. And this is your brain gives you, of course, the deep love of physiology, I don't have anything to say. But at the very least, you love or not love, tolerance is a completely different. Even if you have experienced thousand love, colors, even if you met the life, can let all the bad things consciously. But think about it, and a different people live together, if only to mature thought, passive to tolerance, tolerance of his dribs and drabs, his temper, he grunts, his bad habits, his all sorts of different things with you. Need you inclusive things hard, I want to it, for any one person is too difficult. You don't love him, and how to walk into marriage. You still held various unwilling, uneven, uneasy. How can insipid life.

Road hard enough to find love, if you are lucky enough, may encounter a person, he has passed the long march for you, come to front of you. You are safe enough. Considerate enough, enough love. If you're not lucky enough, maybe you are the man that need through the mountains. But the only problem is that you no longer want to change myself, no longer want to go looking for love. Love it too illusions, too ethereal, no one has ever seen. But it has always been in, maybe you met, but because of your cautious, you be careful, you think. Make it again and again he quietly slipped away, every time mutually close, you are holding wedding mesh, in fact, you are wrong. Every time meet, is it not, let you embrace love to search for the purpose of love? I just hope you at a certain moment was most impressed by one person, love in this way, all of a sudden. You can find love and happiness.
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2016年01月11日 イイね!

I recall is a fish in the breeze across

Anyone not masters of fate, he let us east, we could never to the west. Destiny is fair, however, we can't decide how to in the future, can deciding to keep the past. In this case, we have to use this power, try my best to keep we want to leave, at this time, Dream beauty pro hard sell don't pretend to be personable gentleman, would rather do a greedy dog, because time will rob with us, and we, but time is always away the.

Thought I was a city, let memories stay, at the time of the setting sun, bubble is a light green tea, and he talk about my past.

Many think I am a clock, make memories bell ringer, when the ebb and flow, Dream beauty pro hard sell put my ring, and we do a pair of ascetic.

Many want to is a river, leap, tell him we love each other......

When the new road has not been repaired, the car from xinhe to ShuYang can only from my home in front of the pass by, and then go to 205 national road. Chinese New Year back home, I found this way is marked as safe way, probably is not what the cause of the accident within a certain time.

When I was in primary school, there is every school to go to school on the road have a large number of people walk, I sat down on the stairs and watch them, roll out early autumn evening sky behind him. To I was in junior high school, high school, everyone in residence or to ShuYang school, the scene of a large group of students did not have. Seems never and I go to school together after school. Primary school oneself a person, because only three people went to the road primary school, the other two I don't like it, so it is always a person, Dream beauty pro hard sell is presumably that junior middle school. Across the road in front of my house, along a path will see a river, there is a simple house stand on the surface of the water, I like this place.
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2015年11月19日 イイね!

Moment my mind fear and then lose

Years, the next dish chess Trade shows China, a game pulled equation and shifting alliances, sit back and wait for everything is final between handtalk ups and downs. The vast heaven and earth, therefore, every one in the life of the world, is incoming, term who also can not be selected, escape not to take off, go to this a fatalistic fate, destined to the dream.

In the face of the invisible control behind the whole hand, is the resistance, or the society peace 皮膚暗啞?

At four and chewing the five classics, ke heaven and earth to see the sea, had no time to see its wonderful scene, too late to wrench grand youth, years of the curtain is in imperceptible in, and then in a hurry death non-trace.

Look at that time, such as knife mask house, carving the jiangnan landscape, scenic; Give the wall jiangshan, green day evening; Lucky family style, truly; Deduce the generation tianjiao, history never; Lean the childish ignorance, well-developed mind; Setting the survival experience, hundred BiHuang gold. Little imagine, by its to the army.

Sometimes the landscape, landscape has to do. "Shall not, life and death disease old four words, who can through; beauty star, buddhists, particularly poor." For years of dust, old China last year, buried the whole appearance, name he2 yong4? How much money you away is silver? In the gain and loss, and how to care about.

The end of one thousand years is not dead. Four seasons to line capacity, scenery come and go, light the prosperities, drunk with long time. Cool autumn glance over snow, cold winter to wake with the spring breeze, decisively with time, while, in the bloomy spring summer again.

Annoys, years such as chess bureau new, life is like a paper thin.
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