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2016年07月15日 イイね!

Kangaroo Island, to create their own God zoo

The scorching summer behind, went to a time when the cool South Australia. Kangaroo Island, close contact with wild animals; Dov to Chinese town, visiting the store to eat food; to the central market to buy a bouquet of flowers, and then a drink with the locals ...... of course, the joy of South Australia so far, more experience worth your while to explore yourself!

Kangaroo Island in South Australia, in addition to open every pore enjoy the wonderful landscape outside, must mobilize the body senses it's a good interaction with the residents of each animal, and to please them. If not insects, the island's total 2003 total hundreds of animals have to all this trouble can be thrown to the winds, there will be no time to think anyone bothering, eyes and spirit is not obvious enough. Kangaroo Island spent two full days, when you leave me, sigh, is certainly God gave this land to create their own zoo, I feel so visitors are blessed. Live more than 4000 residents on the island is more like God's arrangement staff, every day, to serve these small animals, is also a lot of people wait a lifetime.

Kangaroo Island, an area of ​​4400 square kilometers, is Australia's third largest island, almost all visitors to South Australia would come to this, is a veritable "must visit attractions in South Australia." But even in this case, ecological and environmental protection of Kangaroo Island is still very good, even if there are tens of thousands of tourists from visiting, but also not too ecological impact here every year, many animals still choose to multiply in this habitat. I saw on the island including sea lions, fur seals, little penguins, koalas and of course Meng Meng. In addition, because of the sea, many called on the name and call on the name of waterfowl in this life is also very nice, I do not feel a lot of curious lizards, hedgehogs and other animals on the island even more numerous. If it seriously, the island is estimated that more than 4,000 residents account for only a small percentage of existing animals, wild animals, and therefore the real masters of Kangaroo Island.
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2016年03月21日 イイね!

Please don't cry because it is the light of the meteor

And now, I was very easy to tears, but crying does not mean not strong. Poignant journey into tears of sadness business center, endure the pain turn a new page of our calendar this, just realize that the past has become the past, began to look forward to the dawn of the dawn, I hope tomorrow is a bright shining. Happiness, actually very simple, just like the stars around the moon. stabbed eyes rather than what you wish for, you should believe will achieve beautiful oath. Late at night, I would like to become a star, a shining star for you. When you look up at the starry sky, you will find there are so a person has been behind you, silently concern you.

If I'm really a star. So, I don't want to do a meteor, let you because this short the shape of the encounter and reluctant to go. I want to be a star in your life, for you to dispel darkness, light up your way home. The stars is not speak, she can only use a silent language to interpret their own love, that float in the sky of youth is my palpitating heart. Long life, I will walk with you, let you say goodbye to sadness, no longer lonely New Face Beauty Facial.

Past the wind, you are receding figure still tall, broad, but I never can't see your face, because the tears already hazy eyes. Let the memory become the memories, we are happy to worship, hands folded, looking at the stars, in the endless blue of the write better future together hair loss.
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2016年03月01日 イイね!

Belongs to your personal feeling

I think about it, writing is a simple yet profound. It is a mirror of the soul, true reflected only . It is like a sharp blade, gently across your soul: the anatomy of the temperament, resect tumor thought. Attached on the pain of grains of sand, and hone, eventually clam shell pearl mask house.

I walk alone in the read-write paths, there is the concept of brand new fence, flowers and green grass shade. To be the king of the castle in the text, do not need to please others, just to spend varied, leave me full jin fragrance mask house.

Later, I leave home to the town of reading. Idle defect, would sneak out, ease down and melancholy mood. The road to the corner is - some lazy dog or cat, in the sunshine, hunched body, shivering, occasionally low called several voice, anger to the injustice of heaven. They are by their owners homeless, they dare not to any home, because the door out of the people will put them to beat and scold mercilessly. Even the heavy become overwhelmed the weakness of limbs, lie on the nearby, also doomed, servants of tragedy is always the first found them mask house.
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2016年02月25日 イイね!

Look at people busy

If life is experience, why someone is not complete, always say goodbye to the world? Voice just like eyes Dream beauty pro, the twinkling of an eye, vanish, and I still hesitate, hesitate this is just a joke! Perhaps, the next is my turn. To live, I seem to live only on that day, as if in the fate of a corner, with a clueless look on his face. Such as sick, and understand that I also walk on my way to leave at any time.

To live on the mentality of the snail. From the moment of birth, on the death road. I thought I try to climb slowly Dream beauty pro, can delay the departure time. And in the spring and autumn does not stop because of the heart. Midsummer, the vines a shade, green fruit hidden. A snail. Because of young and foolish, because of unknown factors, missed the pale green of spring. Now, I haven't reached any grapes, but expect ripe I happened to climb to, just to catch up with eating grapes. However, ignoring the I could disappear from the road at any time.

I also like a leaf of green, as well as immature. Don't want to think about the future the life events Dream beauty pro! But time and tide wait for no man! What is a splitting headache, everyday I try to avoid up around the bend.

To review the experience of growing up, not too serious too hippie, relate the whole journey, find out the ins and outs. And anatomy, would think over and over again, and correct them. Face yourself, face the real world, in the face of others in disguise. Using the god-given everything, to bravely to pursue their own happiness.
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2016年01月19日 イイね!

A statue of hundred flatters the moonlight

Time deposits with sorrow, ever Diamond Water, ever, in the thoughts of he grew old. Past one thousand, seems to be leaving only a sigh! One hundred cycles, also seems to be only left a heart that some memories! Pinglan softly and decayed thoughts. The graceful and restrained elegant in the world of mortals, lightsome and elegant, and deep in the clouds, the touch to exceedingly beautiful, only the rolls of elegance.

A shore flocculant willow float in the sky Kiosk; A feather dress in one thousand; With the thoughts of ying ying. If, stroke of stone bank is a lifetime of, why the stone still, hoped has changed? If the past, in you I have not read? Why, have now evening what evening bonus video la? If, in this life, to you to me has been insufficient to cherish? Why, there will be a yao chi moonlight, clear tears wet yan?

In red, and sent thousands of miles! Instant love, hate, waking dream world of mortals! A knot of sichuan, a the other shore flower, time in the fingertips scattered; A shadow broken read hair treatment, a wind flowers, gradually into a sad song. Recent five hundred years, but the number of broken three thousand chi bound, when he was vaguely, crumbled into a pillow the dream. World of mortals of the past, over load, a song

from the ruin, how so long!
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