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2015年09月29日 イイね!

leaving the world thinking of you

Mountainous area to walk down a young man in the thirties, a rider is dressed up, holding a palm-sized stone, a stone lovers. Rangers from the provincial capital xi 'an come to this, is to pick up coral fossils. Spend so big price run two hundred kilometers, just to pick up a stone? Is it worth it? The people to keep shake head, really incredible. My friend and I will concentrate on looking for coral fossils, through a ditch, empty-handed.

To return to the friend's father-in-law home, unexpectedly the you find place, get whole don't bother. As long as a little bit careful, the side of the road can pick up almost coral fossils. Just appearance is not good, the form is not big enough, not taken seriously by people. Roadside toilet side has its shadow.

To retrieve a few coral fossils, addictions, in the car, playing with. Feeling for a long time, my thoughts back to the prehistoric that flood control and drought years -

A vast expanse of water from the ocean, the edge is knowing where to? The coral carefree life in the ocean world, natural food there is no problem, what sun air and water could not exist defects, who knows tragedy? May be a tsunami, wiped out the inherent position location, break the ecological balance? Suddenly, perhaps undersea volcano eruption, passage, thousands of degrees of high temperature blowout outbreak, even if the divine power containment, can resist?

The submarine lava, completely changed his head, become the stones of various shape. Stone image of coral polyps, forever engraved in the memory curve of the stone. Even if the end of time will not change, for a variety of white worm posture, fixed on a piece of stone, become eternal.

The selfless devotion of nature, at the moment LiCiCunZhao, LiCiCunZhao they ever think for yourself? But his image frames on a rock forever! Just fulfilled "there is great beauty and don't say" philosophy. People can do such a fair death honors the whole life?

By the way, the beauty of the south China sea, lovely three sand, a China maldives said the beautiful scenery on the beach, grow many beautiful coral reefs, there are colorful shells on the beach, all kinds of tropical fish, like dragon palace charming view...

When lucky to go there? Enjoy the unlimited scenery there! By then, would be to write a praise to travel, write down the most beautiful scenery line in the corner of the earth.

Of course, will not take away a piece of stone, there is that ancestors left to future generations, who have the right to take away casually? By protecting?

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2015年09月16日 イイね!

but bowed his head

Or one end of the past, or the flower that grass, the tree that stone; Melted white clouds falling from the sky, a heavy rain washed away by the spring, make the scene changed into the summer clothes. Green trees, green ink cross flow, everywhere is endless green wave, is part of summer style. Deep green, red, bright dazzling. Standing in front of such images Beverly skin refining center , you will unconsciously avoid the dazzling light, heat flow, to find a cool, quiet see bees, butterflies flutter from flower to flower, the chaffinch flew low over the water. Village hidden in the shade, only a few Angle eaves, draw the outline of the progressive of near-far scenery, natural is big.

Schoolchildren in the hillside, golden lies between the yellow grass. A few leaves slowly falling, on the lintels of autumn. Stand out in front of a late autumn, the wind, the vast stretches of rice as the waves roll and a golden dream be farmers struggle became a reality, hide into the barn. Sunflower smile no longer chasing the sun, thinking about the meaning of life. Green to gold conversion, is the turning point in time, no longer confused Beverly skin refining center , no longer lost, a most precious picture hanging in the autumn, is the natural feedback to industry.

In past end again, have not see the flowers that grass, the tree that stone. Heaven and earth color is white, with bitter wind, the winter picture exhibition in sight. Cottage chimney float out pieces of white clouds, the wind rose so well. Clever and the black spots, cowboys driven cattle. Is boring, lonely, but it occasionally heard laughter from the village you find limited . Because of this a few laughter, winter no longer cold; Because of this a few laughter, no longer dry season. Sleeping in the life of the underground, pregnant with a hope.

In front of the picture of the seasons, quietly thinking: natural everything is follow the behavior pattern of time, in order the cycle of replacement. No matter you don't care, never stop. Want to come, human life, also should follow the map of a life behavior and will not be materialistic fetter, the essence of life is returning to nature.

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2015年09月04日 イイね!

hunger strikes together

Many years ago on New Year's holiday, go home. That day, the sky has been gone with the wind with rain. The highway is in course of construction to the hometown, turbulence for more than four hours teco dc motor speed control , to the town is at 7 o 'clock in the evening. Dark day, drizzle flood. Mother let a person to meet I didn't answer, and no phone calls, and he returned.

18 miles from the town got home, the last bus had already passed. I took the luggage, one against the wind in the rain on his way home.

Wind, rain, mud, hot gas will soon be gone. In addition to the mechanical movement, jiang was not a feeling Dream beauty pro . I tried to add a drizzle, hate can't step by step of home.

When I opened the door, I found my mother and family are sitting there waiting for me. Dim light of the surprise everyone a face, cherish. Then separately to me busy. Mother took out clean clothing and footwear, lighting, and said anything when he found mouth let me sit said anything when he found to change clothes. Bake the red fire, I feel very warm and happy Dream beauty pro .

Later, from rural to urban, eat the big delicious steamed bread every day, I feel very happy. Later, to marry a girl beautiful and kindness of nanjing, I feel very happy. Then, there is a room, have a lovely daughter, I feel very happy...
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2015年08月08日 イイね!

separation and always

The bloomy spring season, peach, cherry, pear flower... Be in time for initial bloom, the wind blows over, be like having fragrance will be scattered. Magnolia graceful to her the most graceful posture and classical poetic QiaoLi branches, as if in the long awaited miss lover.

Eyes, was flowers, outstanding displays, willow and fiddling with the graceful posture, in spring breeze, light yellow, eyebrow eye. Spring night, DanYue cage yarn, the grass in moist soil quietly stretch waist. Have the wind across the cheek, swept up my long hair, spring reenex , coming from the following three quarter of distant, through mountains, through the wilderness, cross my heart.

Spring is a beautiful season, it was the season of miss, let a person think of. Each see peach red, pear flower white, LiuYeQing, will miss a period of the past, think of a warm scene, miss an old friend of no return, after such a long in a hurry in the past, the carpet of flowers together will slowly scattered. A spring, a story of memory, memory reenex , a time of light and shade, when spring coming at you face to face, always carrying heavy moisture, past spring, let a person too much attachment, and let a person too much hope, also let a person to express the center of the earth life sentimentality.

"Dream high number crunchers locks, sober curtain droop. Last spring but hate to come out of independent, micro swifts. Remember the little apple first, two focus words clothes. Pipa strings said acacia reenex , at that time the moon in, has shone clouds." Parting sorrow hate last spring as the light smoke enveloped in his heart, also in a spring day, making the spread, empty, once joy has vanished, lonely lonely, only memories of the scene repeated in days, seems to have become warm, even from hate all the fallen petal small rain days give sad, deep inscription in the memory forever.

Attached to the string while she would rather a lifetime will love, also don't want to and he met for many years, after such a long separation lost too much and too far away, that from hate, years of struggling waiting and acacia, too many words, have not talked about, and how to say it clearly? Even if meet again if I can go back in time to each other? Through the process of life twists and turns, to real life and peace, better meet you miss.
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