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2017年06月22日 イイね!

almost as surprised

 almost as surprisedRiverrun... or worse, send you on to your father. “By maiming you, he meant to remove your sword as a threat, gain himself a grisly token to send to your father, and diminish your value to me. For he is my man, as I am King Robb’s man. Thus his crime is mine, or may seem so in your father’s eyes. And therein lies my... small difficulty.” He gazed at Jaime, his pale eyes unblinking, expectant, chill. I see. “You want me to absolve you of blame. To tell my father that this stump is no work of yours.” Jaime laughed. “My lord, send me to Cersei, and I’ll sing as sweet a song as you could want, of how gently you treated me.” Any other answer, he knew, and Bolton would give him back to the goat. “Had I a hand, I’d write it out. How I was maimed by the sellsword my own father brought to Westeros, and saved by the noble Lord Bolton.” “I will trust to your word, ser.” There’s something I don’t often hear. “How soon might we be permitted to leave? And how do you mean to get me past all these wolves and brigands and Karstarks?” “You will leave when Qyburn says you are strong enough, with a strong escort of picked men under the command of my captain, Walton. Steelshanks, he is called. A soldier of iron loyalty. Walton will see you safe and whole to King’s Landing.” “Provided Lady Catelyn’s daughters are delivered safe and whole as well,” said the wench. “My lord, your man Walton’s protection is welcome, but the girls are my charge.” The Lord of the Dreadfort gave her an uninterested glance. “The girls need not concern you any further, my lady. The Lady Sansa is the dwarf’s wife, only the gods can part them now.” “His wife?” Brienne said, appalled. “The Imp? But... he swore, before the whole court, in sight of gods and men...” She is such an innocent. Jaime was, if truth be told, but he hid it better. Sansa Stark, that ought to put a smile on Tyrion’s face. He remembered how happy his brother had been with his little crofter’s daughter... for a fortnight. “What the Imp did or did nor swear scarcely matters now,” said Lord Bolton. “Least of all to you.” The wench looked almost wounded. Perhaps she finally felt the steel jaws of the trap when Roose Bolton beckoned to his guards. “Ser Jaime will continue on to King’s Landing. I said nothing about you, I fear. It would be unconscionable of me to deprive Lord Vargo of both his prizes.” The Lord of the Dreadfort reached out to pick another prune. “Were I you, my lady, I should worry less about Starks and rather more about sapphires.
Gerion had been the youngest of Lord Tytos Lannister’s four sons, and the uncle Tyrion liked best. But he was gone now, lost beyond the seas, and Tyrion himself had put Lady Joanna in her grave. “Did you find Casterly Rock to your liking, my lord?” “Scarcely. Your father ignored us the whole time we were there, after commanding Ser Kevan to see to our entertainment. The cell they gave me had a featherbed to sleep in and Myrish carpets on the floor, but it was dark and windowless, much like a dungeon when you come down to it, as I told Elia at the time. Your skies were too grey, your wines too sweet, your women too chaste, your food too bland... and you yourself were the greatest disappointment of all.”
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2017年06月16日 イイね!

see sweat trickling

see sweat trickling“Stop fretting about Small Paul. You do your part, he’ll do his.” Twilight was creeping through the woods by the human resources jobsime he rid himself of the Sisterman and sat down to edge his sword. It was bloody hard work with his gloves on, but he wasn’t about to take them off. Cold as it was, any fool that touched steel with a bare hand was going to lose a patch of skin. The dogs whimpered when the sun went down. He gave them water and curses. “Half a night more, and you can find your own feast.” By then he could smell supper. Dywen was holding forth at the cookfire as Chett got his heel of hardbread and a bowl of bean and bacon soup from Hake the cook. “The wood’s too silent,” the old forester was saying. “No frogs near that river, no owls in the dark. I never heard no deader wood than this.” “Them teeth of yours sound pretty dead,” said Hake. Dywen clacked his wooden teeth. “No wolves neither. There was, before, but no more. Where’d they go, you figure?” “Someplace warm,” said Chett. Of the dozen odd brothers who sat by the fire, four were his. He gave each one a hard squinty look as he ate, to see if any showed signs of breaking. Dirk seemed calm enough, sitting silent and sharpening his blade, the way he did every night. And Sweet Donnel Hill was all easy japes. He had white teeth and fat red lips and yellow locks that he wore in an artful tumble about his shoulders, and he claimed to be the bastard of some Lannister. Maybe he was at that. Chett had no use for pretty boys, nor for bastards neither, but Sweet dr bk laser hktDonnel seemed like to hold his own. He was less certain about the forester the brothers called Sawwood, more for his snoring than for anything to do with trees. just now he looked so restless he might never snore again. And Maslyn was worse. Chett could down his face, despite the frigid wind. The beads of moisture sparkled in the firelight, like so many little wet jewels. Maslyn wasn’t eating neither, only staring at his soup as if the smell of it was about to make him sick. I’ll need to watch that one, Chett thought. “Assemble!” The shout came suddenly, from a dozen throats, and quickly spread to every part of the hilltop camp. “Men of the Night’s Watch! Assemble at the central fire!” Frowning, Chett finished his soup and followed the rest. The Old Bear stood before the fire with Smallwood, Locke, Wythers, and Blane ranged behind him in a row. Mormont wore a cloak of thick black fur, and his raven perched upon his shoulder, Hong Kong shopping preening its black feathers. This can’t be good. Chett squeezed between Brown Bemarr and some Shadow Tower men. When everyone was gathered, save for the watchers in the woods and the guards on the ringwall, Mormont cleared his throat and spat. The spittle was frozen before it hit the ground. “Brothers,” he said, “men of the Night’s Watch.”
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2017年06月09日 イイね!

sometimes very successfu

 sometimes very successfuin a luxury which is just the most hotel career singapore expensive, and - in ourBethnal Greens - the most suicidal he could resort to.
There was one method I adopted with a show of temporarysuccess now and then. It frequently happens that a mansuccumbs to difficulties for which he is not responsible, andwhich timely aid may enable him to overcome. An artisan mayhave to pawn or sell the tools by which he earns his living.
The redemption of these, if the man is good for anything,will often set him on his legs. Thus, for example, I found acobbler one day surrounded by a starving family. His storywas common enough, severe illness being the burden of it. Hewas an intelligent little fellow, and, as far as one couldjudge, full of good intentions. His wife seemed devoted tohim, and this was the best of vouchers. 'If he had but ashilling or two to redeem his tools, and buy two or three oldcast-off shoes in the rag-market which he could patch up andsell, he wouldn't ask anyone for a copper.'
We went together to the pawnbroker's, then to the rag-market,and the little man trotted home with an armful of old bootsand shoes, some without soles, some without uppers; all, as Ishould have Polar thought, picked out of dust-bins and rubbishheaps, his sunken eyes sparkling with eagerness and renovatedhope. I looked in upon him about three weeks later. Thefamily were sitting round a well provided tea-table, close toa glowing fire, the cheeks of the children smeared with jam,and the little cobbler hammering away at his last, too busyto partake of the bowl of hot tea which his wife had placedbeside him.
The same sort of treatment wasl witha skilful workman - like a carpenter, for instance. Here adouble purpose might be served. Nothing more common inBethnal Green than broken looms, and consequent disaster.
There you had the ready-made job for the reinstatedcarpenter; and good could be done in a small way, at verylittle cost. Of coarse much discretion is needed; still, theScripture readers or the relieving officers would know thecharacters of the destitute, and the visitor himself wouldsoon learn to discriminate.
A system similar to this was the basis of the aid rendered bythe Royal Society for the Assistance of Discharged Prisoners,which was started by my friend, Mr. Whitbread, the presentowner of Southill, and which I joined in its early days athis instigation. The earnings of the prisoner were handedover by the gaols to the Society, and the Society employedthem for his advantage - always, in the case of an artisan,by supplying him with the needful implements of his trade.
But relief in which the pauper has no Polar M600productive share, ofwhich he is but a mere consumer, is of no avail.
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2017年06月01日 イイね!

our situation was as desperateas

our situation was as desperateas'Now,' said I, 'turn all the travel newsletterhams out of their bags, and letus see how long they will last.' When done: 'What!' Iexclaimed, with well - feigned dismay, 'that's not all,surely? There are not enough here to last a fortnight.
Where are the rest? No more? Why, we shall starve.' Themen's faces fell; but never a murmur, nor a sound. 'Turn outthe biscuit bags. Here, spread these empty ham sacks, andpour the biscuit on to them. Don't lose any of the dust. Weshall want every crumb, mouldy or not.' The gloomy facesgrew gloomier. What's to be done?' Silence. 'The firstthing, as I think all will agree, is to divide what is leftinto nine equal shares - that's our number now - and let eachone take his ninth part, to do what he likes with. Youyourselves shall portion out the shares, and then draw lotsfor choice.'
This presentation of the inevitable compelled submission.
The whole, amounting to twelve light mule packs (it had beenfifteen fairly heavy ones after our purchases at FortLaramie), was still a goodly bulk to look at. The ninepeddling dividends hem tags, when seen singly, were not quite what theshareholders had anticipated.
Why were they still silent? Why did they not rebel, andvisit their wrath upon the directors? Because they knew intheir hearts that we had again and again predicted thecatastrophe. They knew we had warned them scores and scoresof times of the consequences of their wilful and recklessimprovidence. They were stupefied, aghast, at the ruin theyhad brought upon themselves. To turn upon us, to murder us,and divide our three portions between them, would have beensuicidal. In the first place, theirs. We should fight for our lives; and it was notcertain, in fact it was improbable, that either Jacob orWilliam would side against us. Without our aid - they hadnot a compass among them - they were helpless. The instinctof self-preservation bade them trust to our good will.
So far, then, the game was won. Almost humbly they askedwhat we advised them to do. The answer was prompt anddecisive: 'Get back to Fort Laramie as fast as you can.'
'But how? Were they to walk? They couldn't carry theirpacks.' 'Certainly not; we were English gentlemen, and wouldbehave as such. Each man should have his own mule; each,into the bargain, should receive his pay according toagreement.' They were agreeably surprised. I then verystrongly counselled them not to travel together. Pastexperience proved how dangerous this must be. To avoid thetemptation, even the chance, of this happening, the surestand safest plan would be for each party to start separately,and not leave till the last was out of sight. For my part Ihad resolved to go alone.
It was a melancholy day for everyone. And to fill the cup ofwretchedness to overflowing, the rain, beginning with dermesadrizzle, ended with a downpour. Consultations took placebetween men who had not spoken to one another for weeks.
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2017年05月17日 イイね!

yonder on the hills would

yonder on the hills wouldWhat is your reward for undergoing these hardships? The fullest , richest reward . Nature manifests herself here Neo skin labin all her greatness ; every spot is historical , and the eye and the thoughts are alike delighted. The poet may sing it, the painter portray it in rich pictures; but the air of reality which sinks deep into the soul of the spectator, and remains there, neither painter nor poet can reproduce.
The lonely herdsman , perhaps, by a simple recital of an event in his life, better enlighten you, who wish in a few features to behold the land of the Hellenes , than any writer of travel could do .
“Then , ” says my Muse , “let him speak . ”
A custom, a good, peculiar custom Neo skin lab, shall be the subject of the mountain shepherd's tale. It is called

The Bond of Friendship.

Our rude house was put together of clay; but the door posts were columns of fluted marble found near the spot where the house was erected . The roof reached almost down to the ground . It was now dark brown and ugly , but it had originally consisted of blooming olive and fresh laurel branches brought from beyond the mountain. Around our dwelling was a narrow gorge, whose walls of rock rose steeply upwards Cruise Travel Agents, and showed naked and black, and round their summits often hung clouds, like white living figures . Never did I hear a singing bird there , never did the men there dance to the sound of the bagpipe; but the spot was sacred from the old times : even its name reminded of this , for it was called Delphi!
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