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2016年01月21日 イイね!

including Lam Research

Most Americans have never heard of Emeryville, California. Those who have probably know it as a place where they got stuck on a traffic-clogged stretch of highway overlooking a giant IKEA.
Yet Emeryville, a largely concrete-surfaced city covering all of two square miles, has a lot more entrepreneurial clout than meets the eye. Companies in this San Francisco Bay Area city of around 10,000 have raised more than half a billion dollars in venture funding over the past three years. That total handily beats much larger metropolises Network Security, including Dallas, Portland and even neighboring Oakland.
Emeryville isn’t alone. San Francisco Bay Area companies raise so much venture capital relative to other places that a lot of little-known cities in the region outrank major metropolises in total funding.
In this two-part series, we’ll look at nine under-the-radar places in the Bay Area that punch above their weight class when it comes to attracting startup funding. For today, we’ll focus on the East Bay, the sprawling, two-county area on the other side of the bridge from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
Here are some of the cities that made our list:
Hayward is pretty much in the geographic center of the San Francisco Bay Area. Generally speaking, however, this city of 150,000 is known as a place you commute from, rather than commute to.
But that may be shifting. In the past three years, Hayward-based companies have raised more than $490 million in venture funding. That’s more than Portland, Oregon (population 640,000) and more than triple San Antonio, Texas (population 1.5 million).
Even with all that capital flowing in, Hayward doesn’t have a reputation as a startup hub. It’s not where you go to see industrial chic co-working spaces filled with espresso-sipping twentysomethings working on the next killer app. However, Hayward does appeal to companies that need space in a location that’s accessible to most Silicon Valley workers.
In recent years, the majority of Hayward’s venture funding has gone to biotechnology companies, like Arcus Biosciences freemax starre v3, a developer of cancer therapies that raised a $70 million round in September, and MicuRx, which develops antibodies to treat drug-resistant infections. Hayward is also making inroads as an energy startup hub. Primus Power, a provider of utility-scale battery storage, is there, as is Alphabet Energy, which is developing technology to convert waste heat to energy.
You’d think the irony gods would ensure any town with the audacity to name itself Pleasanton would be a terrible place to live. But no, Pleasanton really is quite pleasant.
It’s a pricey, family-oriented place with abundant sunshine, good schools and plenty of dining options. Those attributes contribute to making this ‘burb one of the wealthiest small cities in America.
It’s entrepreneurial, too. Over the past three years, Pleasanton-based companies have raked in more than $300 million in venture funding. That puts this city of 80,000 ahead of Miami (population 440,000) and about on par with Philadelphia (population 1.5 million) over the same period.
From a startup standpoint, Pleasanton is best-known as a hub for HR software. Workday is based there, as was PeopleSoft, an early pioneer in the space later acquired by Oracle. The recipients of the largest recent funding rounds, however, hail from biotechnology and energy sectors. They are 10X Genomics, developer of DNA analysis tools, and Fulcrum Bioenergy, which makes fuel out of garbage.
Once considered a sleepy ‘burb, Fremont has evolved over the past couple of decades into what is essentially an extension of Silicon Valley. The city’s most famous and largest private employer is none other than Tesla Motors, which churns out its Model S sedans at a former GM plant. It’s also home to some valuable public tech companies, including Lam Research, a semiconductor equipment maker with a market cap of $24 billion, as well as one of Silicon Valley’s most notorious failures, the solar panel maker Solyndra.
While Fremont doesn’t have high name recognition outside the San Francisco area, it’s a pretty populous city, with around 230,000 residents, and the second-largest land area of any municipality in the Bay Area.
These days, a number of younger Fremont-based companies are scaling up in a big way. Over the past three years, Fremont startups have raised more than $600 million. That puts the city ahead of Phoenix (population 1.5 million) and about on par with Houston (population 2.3 million). Large funding rounds cover a broad range of industries, including biotech, hardware, software and energy.
The largest funding recipient tourism publication
, flexible display maker Royole, is actually a multi-national startup, with major operations in both Fremont and Shenzen, China. Other heavily funded startups include GlassPoint Solar, a developer of solar steam generators, and Shockwave Medical, in the medical device space.
Venture funding for Oakland companies over the past three years totaled just under $500 million. That’s a big top-line number, but may come as a disappointment to some Oaklanders, as it puts this city of 420,000 basically neck-and-neck with its tiny neighbor Emeryville in securing venture funding for local companies.
Still, nearly half a billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at, and the city has an active startup scene that benefits from close proximity to San Francisco, combined with cheaper rents. Also, Oakland is a foodie town, which is reflected in its big funding rounds. The largest funding recipient is Blue Bottle Coffee, known for serving a brew so strong it makes a case for turning caffeine into a regulated substance.
Another big funding recipient is Revolution Foods, which provides healthy meals for schools and families. Other large rounds cross a range of industries, including media, e-commerce, enterprise software and healthcare.
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2016年01月13日 イイね!

drums and stone chimes

drums and stone chimes
bells were grouped in threes, as in Shang times, but the piteh range was different from that of Shang which had varied forms. lt took the uniformity of la-do-mi- sol Even when the number of bells in a cluster expanded to eight, the pitch range remained the same. According to the ancient book The Rites of Zhou the pitch range of the classical yawe was identical to that described above. So it is obvious that over this long period of time bells were used solely to perform the Ya yue of zhou Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Instrumental music, dancing and singing often followed separate lines of development within the ya We tradition, and were never completely integrated: Dancing was accompanied by whistle-like flutes and singing; singing was accompanied by a plucked instrument called se or a reed pipe called shcng. orchestral music, although it was known as "performance of metals", was played 0n arrangements of bells, . This orchestral music was very elaborate, and was for the entertainment of the emperor and the feudal lords only Lesser nobility had to be content with drums. The sonorous volume of bells and chimes combined to form majestic sound, and when drums were added, they had an incomparable effect of honoring the exalted positions and authority of the emperor and the feudal lords. The fact that these musical instruments underwent rapid development must have been the deliberate choice of aristocratic society Dream beauty pro hard sell.

A comprehensive analysis of the materials in ancient documents shows that some of the songs used in the Ya yue of Western ZhOu come from the Daya and Xisoya of the "Odes t0 Zhou" in the Book 0f Songs, and originate in Qizhou Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Western Zhou lasted 300 years, but long before this time was up, the original meaning of Qizhou music from which Y8We sprang was gradually forgotten.
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2016年01月04日 イイね!

closely and attentively

closely and attentively
  The next morning when she woke up, I do not know whether she continued to quarrel, or whether she went out to look for the florin that she wanted to find.

The Little Old Man Made Young by Fire

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

  At the time when our Lord still walked on earth, he and Saint Peter stopped one evening at a smith's and were gladly given lodging. Now it happened that a poor beggar, hard pressed by age and infirmity, came to this house and begged alms of the smith nu skin hk.

  Peter had compassion and said, "Lord and master, if it please you, cure his ailments, that he may earn his own bread."

  The Lord said gently, "Smith, lend me your forge and put some coals on for me, and then I will make this sick old man young again."

  The smith was quite willing. Saint Peter pumped the bellows, and when the coal fire sparkled up large and high, our Lord took the little old man, pushed him into the forge in the middle of the red fire, so that he glowed like a rosebush, and praised God with a loud voice nu skin hong kong.

  After that the Lord went to the quenching-tub, put the glowing little man into it so that the water closed over him, and after he had carefully cooled him, he gave him his blessing, when, behold, the little man sprang nimbly out, looking fresh, upright, healthy, and as if he were twenty years old.

  The smith, who had watched everything , invited them all to supper. Now he had an old half-blind, hunchbacked mother-in-law. She went to the youth and asked earnestly if the fire had burned him much.

  He answered that he had never felt better, and that he had sat in the glowing coals as if he had been in cool dew.
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