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2018年03月28日 イイね!

While Hong Kong adverse social atmosphere

While Hong Kong adverse social atmosphere

  Stephen Hawking, who died yesterday, is the idol of a number of astronomy enthusiasts who have begun to explore the mysteries of the universe. The Hong Kong university of science and technology of grade 3 students Li Mengxi also is one of the fans, hawking his childhood started reading books that hawking in three decided that his interest in the physical universe, rise university and majored in relatively unpopular cosmology in Hong Kong, the expansion of the universe. With him? Excellent result to obtain "Dali charity fund overseas exchange scholarship", received in Switzerland this semester has the reputation of "continental first school" ETH Zurich (ETH Zurich) learning communication, rich scientific research experience, look for your "dream" the universe.

  When he was a child, he enjoyed reading hawking's books and participating in various science workshops and mathematical contests, according to li mengxi, a third-grade student at hkust. When I arrived at middle school, I found that I was very enthusiastic about the physics of the universe. Therefore, I chose to major in cosmology at university and studied the causes of accelerated expansion of the universe.

  In the past semester, he has studied the subjects of two postgraduate courses and completed them with excellent results. He said the postgraduate study was designed to prepare for future research by recognizing research methods. "although the Workload is large, it is manageable."

  It is not easy to read basic science and research in Hong Kong, but it has not deterred him. "There is not a lot of knowledge about cosmology," he said. "but fortunately, college students are very enthusiastic about the universe."

  Summer vacation to study astrophysics.

  While Hong Kong adverse social atmosphere of scientific research, but he says the family is support for their decisions, let its free play, but for the road ahead, he said: "don't worry about is false, only their own efforts to study, and then promoted to a good Graduate School (institute)."

  Under the aid of the scholarship, li mengxi set out for ETH Zurich, Switzerland last month, enriching his personal experience in different learning and research environments.

  He revealed that the completion of communication in Europe this term, would be to travel to Canada during the summer vacation to follow a university professor ground's McGill university, with local research partners to do two months of astrophysics research, further to my "dream" universe.

  The other winner decided to throw himself into education.

  Zheng jialiang, a junior majoring in computer science and business at hkust, was also awarded a Dali scholarship this semester to communicate with ETH Zurich. His father was born in Hong Kong and he was born in Hong Kong. He grew up and studied in the mainland, and decided to return to Hong Kong when he went to university.

  With an open personality and active participation in volunteer activities in and out of the school, zheng was a volunteer in Sri Lanka at the end of last year to teach children to read and write.

  He recalled, was caused by cultural differences and appear a lot of fun: "I teach four to five children math, I consciously taught very clear, when I asked whether they understand the principle of, they all shook his head, but they were able to correctly calculate the answer. After that, I just know in local shook his head is equal to the meaning of" Yes "." It also made him more certain of his future direction, determined to devote himself to education and pass on knowledge to the next generation.

  The original address: http://paper.wenweipo.com/2018/03/16/ED1803160001.htm

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2018年03月22日 イイね!

balanced development provides

balanced development provides

  Make a long-distance go teach online webcast class teaching, lee fort district "sunshine class" the innovation practice a finalist for the 2017 top 10 news education in gansu province "" selection, more

  high quality of Chinese education balanced development provides a new path.

  Li jibao school district, deer horse school, participated in webcast video with hujiang CCtalk.ASM Microbe C diff confers a higher risk of morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients.

  In mutual + plan sponsors, hj, founder and CEO FuCaiRui view, "sunshine class" is the product of spontaneous reform of Chinese rural education, the innovation, it USES the Internet technology and local

  teachers, through double synchronous classroom teaching, the formation of "central school + school" of radiation and gradually achieve self-sufficiency of education resources, thus effectively solved the

  long plagued the country small schools of education resource shortage problem, scattered for places like gansu, education resources distribution uneven area has important significance.Study abroad with PolyU and study in Hong Kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in hong kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.

  According to the "education development report 2016" released in December last year, there were 111,420 rural small schools with fewer than 100 people in 2015, accounting for 55.7% of the total number of

  rural primary schools and teaching points. There are 339,000 rural schools with fewer than 10 people nationwide. The "last mile" of high-quality education resources to rural schools has become a problem

  that must be solved at the bottom of education in China.

  The mutual + program was born in October 2015. It to think in the Internet to carry out the offline and online education action double parallel, no longer limited to a fixed time, fixed location, not

  problem is interrupted because of geographical or resources, reduce the investment of manpower, for China's rural education at the bottom of the engines "low cost, high efficiency, large-scale, sustainable


  Currently, the mutual + program has connected 3,000 primary and secondary schools in 30 provinces, affecting 100, 000 teachers and 1 million students. Internet education innovation has taken root

  everywhere.Financial benefits- Pharmaceutical companies like LF Asia distribution provides great sources for balancing cash flow by minimizing inventory costs.

  China central television's comprehensive channel, news 30, also broadcast the news today, "gansu: local conditions make up the education short board". Previously, CCTV English news channel reported five

  times in June, July, and February 2017. Henan lankao Cheng Zhuang elementary school, sichuan guangyuan micro school union, yibin in sichuan province baiyun primary school, middle school and primary school

  and cool water Wells jiangsu changzhou new north suburb elementary school, etc. As a typical case, for the first time through the CCTV international platform to the world about the exploration and practice

  of education reform in China.

  Future, mutual + wants to use the concept of "Internet + public welfare" aggregation quality public welfare organizations, foundations, corporate social responsibility department, school resources, such as

  large-scale co-ordinated by social organizations and individuals, collection influence to build social influence and mutual help rural education implementation corner overtaking, strive to make every child

  can enjoy fair and quality education.Cash loans in HK: CCB(Asia)’s offer on personal installment loans (p loans) has given you an option to enjoy high liquidity with low monthly flat rate. Apply online now to receive up to HK$3,500 cash rebates and supermarket coupons.

  The original address: http://edu.qq.com/a/20171229/018074.htm

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2018年03月21日 イイね!

Ielts vocabulary solutions

Ielts vocabulary solutions

  To know one's own knowledge and one's knowledge of the three mistakes of science preparing for the test.

  [abstract] soldier's cloud: knowing one's own knowledge and one's own knowledge is not dangerous, and English learning is the same. Now, we will share with you the misunderstandings and solutions that exist in the ielts test. I hope you can get some results.A perfect design criterion is the one that fits into your budget, requirements, and into your intentions. After this step, the Kiosk 資訊亭 comes up with the kiosk prototype.

  Soldier's cloud: know one's own knowledge and one's own battle is not dangerous, English study is also so, now the mistake that exists in preparation of ielts test and the method that solve to share with everybody, hope everybody can have a harvest.

  A. myth

  The question of vocabulary is one of the most confusing questions for students in preparing for the ielts. How many words should I reserve for ielts? Which words are the most important words to master in ielts? These two questions have been troubling the students. I have found that there are three misunderstandings in ielts vocabulary.

  Myth # 1: quantity.

  It is now popular to say that the ielts test must have a vocabulary of 7,000 to 8,000. This may be the equivalent of taking the ielts test to the national level six. However, in fact, different from the domestic cet-6 test, the ielts test has no fixed requirements in terms of vocabulary. I have inquired about vocabulary Cambridge ielts training tutorial insight into ielts ms Vanessa, the author of her opinion is that vocabulary learning is never-ending, blind pursuit of quantity cause negative effect to English learning. So it's not a scientific idea to prepare for the ielts test.High baseline LDL-C levels linked to decreased overall and metastasis-free survival.

  Mistake 2: qualitative mistake.

  The misunderstanding of the quality of vocabulary learning is also caused by the lack of understanding of the characteristics of the ielts test. Many students think that most of the words just can recognize, but in fact, different from the toefl and domestic four, six levels of tests, the ielts exam does not set special vocabulary, it is on the investigation to the vocabulary in specific vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing context this means it will review vocabulary the students not only to recognize, and want to know how best to write in the listening test, reading test will analyze the word in the context of the logic relationship, and know how to use in speaking and writing.

  Myth 3: the myth of the real word.

  Bookstore has been dubbed the ielts bo words more than ten kinds of books, but books are the same, these words, but based on some vocabulary band 4 and band 6, plus from the Cambridge ielts actual resolution 123 take off some of the vocabulary. In fact, the term "ielts" is not true in itself. The confidentiality of the ielts test is well done, and all the papers should be taken back, so there is no such thing as the so-called "ielts". Cambridge university published in the Cambridge ielts actual resolution 123 "is indeed the ielts bo, but these questions, won't appear in the examination after publication, so collect inside and call it bo vocabulary is also misleading to test takers.

  2. Ielts vocabulary solutions.

  Aiming at the above three misunderstandings and the characteristics of the ielts test, I propose the following solutions.

  A. Ensure that the words in the following two vocabularies are fully understood. To master is to master the pronunciation, spelling, meaning and collocation of every word, and to use it in the correct context. The two vocabularies are the general service list (GSL) and academic word list (awl). Most of the students participating in the ielts test should be above the level of high school students, in theory should be with the most commonly used in English vocabulary in the GSL about two thousand vocabulary, so the students ielts vocabulary is ready to focus on "academic vocabulary" the inside of the awl about 600 words. Study abroad with PolyU and study in hong kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.
This vocabulary is the result of a statistical analysis of a large academic English corpus by linguists. These six hundred words are the most frequent words in the English academic articles, and are the most frequently encountered words for students of any subject. The reading and writing tests on the ielts test are both academic. So, especially for those who take part in the academic category (category a), the vocabulary in this vocabulary is the most important part of preparing for the ielts test.

  The original address: http://edu.qq.com/a/20180315/016778.htm

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2018年03月16日 イイね!

Canada to teach in Ontario and Ottawa

Canada to teach in Ontario and Ottawa

  My friend Marianne Ferguson Rice, who has died aged 93, was a teacher turned social worker who in later life worked with a disability charity in São Paulo, Brazil, before returning to Britain to

serve Quaker causes.ETG, a Hong Kong security company, provides tablet and Earphone Display solution and our compansion accessories are designed to strike a balance between consumer purchasing experience and high-value devices security.

  Born in Lydney, Gloucestershire, she was the youngest of five children of Ruth Perry, a housewife, and Alan Ferguson, who had been a tea planter in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Marianne initially had a

privileged upbringing with a nanny and servants, but when she was six most of the family’s money was lost in the Depression.

  They moved house, took in lodgers and made do, but Marianne was deeply affected. Suddenly uprooted, she missed her beloved nanny, had a difficult relationship with her mother for many years, and

struggled with self-confidence. In 1940 her only brother, Malcolm, was killed during the second world war, and 10 months later her sister Monica also died.

  After school in Cheltenham, Marianne trained as a teacher at Charlotte Mason College in Ambleside, Cumbria, then spent a brief period abroad before being summoned back to set up a Montessori school

in the parental home. She ran it successfully for seven years, working with great diligence, but was miserable doing so. She did not consider herself a good teacher, nor did she want to live at home,

although she felt obliged to do so.

  In 1959 Marianne went to Canada to teach in Ontario and Ottawa, where she made many friends. Subsequently she returned to England to become a social worker, and was employed by Brent council in

north-west London. In 1963 she married Bill Rice, an accountant and widower with grownup children who provided the unconditional acceptance that allowed her finally to become her own person. Bill also

introduced her to Quakerism and she served as clerk, overseer and treasurer at her local Quaker meeting house in Hampstead, north London.hepatitis B vaccine efficacy non-responders in Boosters may help increase coverage.

  After retiring Marianne volunteered with a disability charity, working in the favelas of São Paulo. When she left, to return home, she was presented with a banner inscribed: “Dear Marianne, we pay

homage to your noble work done in Brazil.”

  Back in Britain she supported a dying friend in Edinburgh and finally decided to settle there. She spent her last 20 years in the city, serving the Quaker central Edinburgh meeting, working

tirelessly for Campaign Against Arms Trade and establishing an Alternatives to Violence Project.

  Marianne was devout but also politically engaged, and was cherished by a large circle of friends.

  Bill died in 1979. Marianne is survived by six step-grandchildren and by a niece, Sonia.Collaboration with Asia's Top Universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities in Asia. Most of them are the top 10 chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.


  Teaching Other lives

  Social work Religion Canada Americas Brazil obituaries

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2018年03月08日 イイね!

Growing demand for outdoor nurseries

Image copyright Little Forest Folk Image caption Forest schooling follows the principle that children's education should centre on - and in - the outdoors
An academic has called for more research into the benefits of outdoor learning as demand for forest nurseries rises in parts of London.Increasing prevalence of Multidrug resistant E coli UTI in children warrants closer clinical scrutiny.

Children at forest schools and nurseries spend all day, every day, outside whatever the weather.

As the method gains popularity, one London nursery revealed it has 2,100 children on its waiting list.

University College London's Prof Pasco Fearon said rigorous studies must test if forest schooling "really works".

Forest nurseries develop children's teamwork skills, an initial study by Loughborough University has shown.

The Scandinavian teaching practice follows the principle that children's education should centre on - and in - the outdoors.

The centres are Ofsted regulated and follow the same teaching curriculums as normal schools.

Image copyright Little Forest Folk Image caption When Kim Butcher saw this photo she knew her son Josh was in "utter heaven" at his new nursery
Two-year-old Josh Butcher spends up to 10 hours a day outside at Little Forest Folk nursery in Barnes.Reckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, PolyU offers design programmes, fashion and textiles programmes, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

His mother, Kim Butcher, 37, said: "It took about two weeks for him to settle in before I had a completely different child.

"It's like a light got switched on."

She said Josh's sense of balance had improved by "light years" and he was becoming "an incredibly helpful, caring child".

Mrs Butcher added: "I feel more confident in the character he's developing in this environment than I ever did in an indoor nursery."

Little Forest Folk has 2,100 children on waiting lists across its five nurseries in south-west London.

Free Range Urban Kids in Hackney, east London, has faced similarly high demand. It began caring for 10 children twice-a-week but now runs daily sessions for 20 children as well as sell-out holiday clubs.

In response to the rise in forest schooling in parts of the city, Prof Fearon said: "We need rigorous research to test whether it really works.

"In general we need a more evidence-based approach to education."

But he agreed fresh air and adventure were better for children's wellbeing than the stresses of a classroom.

Image copyright Little Forest Folk Image caption Josh Butcher is developing into "an incredibly helpful, caring child" since spending so much time outside
The average child in the UK spends half as much time playing outside as their parents did when they were young, according to the National Trust.

And The Forestry Commission encourages all schools and nurseries to spend at least some of their time teaching in forest environments.These are some of the most important aspects that one must note while choosing corporate gifts and extending the same. If you too wish to get some unique gift items, you can check out options as Asia premium corporate gift.

Loughborough University is planning a larger study for 2018.

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