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2018年09月19日 イイね!

The warmth in the old newspaper

She stooped slightly and knocked on the door one by one. Everybody knows her, old lady. On the last working day of each month, she would show up at the office building on time, and the company ruled that she could buy old newspapers. Because of the nature of the work, almost everyone in our unit, a number of newspapers and magazines, usually read, on the corner of the office, waiting for her to come to purchase. Sell once old newspaper, often can earn dozens of yuan, female colleagues to buy snacks, Flooded Water Cooled Screw Chiller everyone shares.

She was in her fifties, grey-haired, and spoke a thick suburban dialect. Every time she came, she would carry a cloth bag filled with all kinds of cloth strips, which were obviously torn out of old clothes and used to tie up old newspapers. On the other hand, carry a small scale. "Sell newspapers! When someone is standing in the hallway yelling, she will immediately run out of an office, look at it, and respond with a happy face. She could recognize almost everyone in the building, even how often someone had to deal with an old newspaper. She knew all about it.

She hunched over the old newspapers stacked in the corner of the office, moved them out, straightened them out, and then tied them up with strips of cloth and weighed them in bundles. Different from the one we often see in the traders, the one which is raised high. When weighing the scale, Serviced Apartment HK her weight always fell down, and the weight almost slipped off the scale. In this way, the newspaper could weigh a little bit more. No one cared about her scale, but as always, she wanted to give it up. Weigh one bundle, she report the number, let you write down, weigh another bundle, report the number again. A bunch of bales are finished, she will let you add one more, how much? And herself, she never seems to count, you tell her how much, and she'll pay you by that weight. Sometimes, there is a small amount in the account, everyone said to calculate, but she always very seriously from the bag out a large number of COINS, a penny to pay off. Her honesty and sincerity made people in the office building take a favorable view of her. That's why she's been able to buy our old newspapers at home for so many years.

Sometimes, she will appear very stingy. For example, every time she tidies up old newspapers and sees magazines or books in them, she picks them out, ties them together and scales them. Books and magazines are cheaper than newspapers, she says. Once, when I moved to a new office and sorted, I threw some old books into the pile of old newspapers. She's coming in to buy old newspapers. She picked out the books, and asked me,48 volt dc motor are they really gone? I nodded. She bundled the books separately. I smiled at her and told her that, in fact, the price of books and old newspapers is about half a kilo different from each other. She smiled and did not answer.

That day, we went to a mountain village in the suburb to interview, the village head book led us to visit their new village library. The library is a remodeled house with books neatly stacked on the shelves. Suddenly, I saw a book that was familiar with me. I opened it and wrote my name on the title page. Then I remembered it. I asked the village secretary curiously, where did these books come from? The village chief said it was donated by the village old lady Lin. She often went to the city to collect old newspapers, and if she received old books, she would stay and donate them to the village or school. She has donated hundreds of books over the years. Suddenly understood, why each time receives old newspaper old woman, will be placed in the newspaper the books and periodicals sorted out.

As I rubbed the old books, I felt a little ashamed and smelled the unique fragrance of the old books.
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2018年09月19日 イイね!

Feelings in the rain

The rain keeps falling and the weather is getting cold. Autumn rain, wet the land of the north, also soaked my heart. I love autumn. I love the warmth and maturity of autumn.

As autumn comes, the wind is cool and the rain is cool. The birds in the forest are no longer chattering, hiding from the wind, rain, crowded into one another warm.

The rain fell on the lake, and the blisters were blowing around. Fish have long been known to dive into the water, autumn lotus also by the wind and the flower stem sway, the lotus leaves down and sway in the wind.

In such weather, few people usually wander the park. However, there are a few couples who are not afraid of the cold wind and rain, and insist on love in the rain. Maybe the power of love is too great and the heat of love is too high. They are not afraid of the wind and rain, forget love between the earth and the rain.

Fall is indeed the season of love, in the drizzle, love on an outing, to the park, the lake, the woods, to wander is a good choice. Do not have to worry about someone interference, more not easy and acquaintance bump face, this mood is good! A love of the red dust from this started, until the rain jitianqing.......

From the sun to the sunset reflecting the lake, the play still does not mean the end of the play. On the moon, the willow tip, the silver light, through the branches that had not many leaves, cast mottled light and shadow on the two people holding each other together, such as the fairy-tale world, what a wonderful and intoxicating scene!

The wind rustled the leaves through the trees. Crickets beat one another like a symphony.

When it was time to go home, they stepped on the moonlight, the leaves on the path between the trees, left the park with a longing, the moonlight elongated their figure..
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2018年08月17日 イイね!

The ancient city of misty rain

The rain fell from the eaves and splashed on the shelves below. My heart failed to calm all night. "Leaves, sound, empty step drops to Ming." After daybreak, I could no longer restrain my feverish mind and was eager to see the old town.

The season has passed duanyang, but it is still some time before the summer solstice. I remember that the interior of the country was full of energy, harvesting wheat. Deep inland in qinghai plateau Sage 300 Support, it is not long before they open their dim sleep eyes, everywhere filled with the orienteering song and dance, colorful spring scenery, it really makes people reluctant to return, long drunk. But do not want to rain, cold like the cold autumn.

"Flying flowers as light as a dream, endless rain as thin as sorrow." Sky, a gloomy face; Water, seemingly inscrutable love. The sky is covered with a curtain of clouds do not clear, endless drizzle slowly; The flying yanghua willow catkins are no longer out of the scattered flowers of joy, graceful birds do not want to sing and sing in the branches, self-intoxicated........... Nature once gave the ancient city a wonderful note, but under the rain, become silent, become silent.

The rain has been under, under so deeply touching, under so poetic, under so happy. The xifu haitang, which had experienced a lot of rain, bloomed overnight. It had precious flowers in its sleeve, like the jonghua, which was held by the ears of an ox, and like drunken and unawakened concubine dse 2018 放榜. Then look at those soaked by the rain and half-hidden surface of the yellow acacia, livid, aromatic heart overflow, like the qinhuai river song prostitutes, and as drunk paeonia herbaceous cluster of xiang yun; Only high stand in the branches of the lilacs without fear of wind and rain, xiuwaihuizhong, fang gas threatening, like a group of purple haze, but also like the heart of the sky high qingwen.................... The ancient cities in yanyu are playing different roles in the grand view garden of the ancient city.

Walking in the old streets of the Ming and qing dynasties, which were paved with green flagstones, people could be seen passing by me in twos and threes. The figures of these pedestrians were very close to me and seemed to be far away. They became unreachable in the rain and mist of the sky. The slabs, washed by the rain, had little dirt to stick to, and were shiny, but I could not bear to walk on them. The orderly rows of lights above the old street, like a marching band of honor, continue to the distance Apartment for rent, so that my heart is full of surprises but feel quite deep ancient city. The lanterns hung on the doors of gonghaimen, huozu pavilion and yingchun gate have faded in the wind and sun and become white and pale. The black brick and black tile have been washed by the rain immaculate, diaolianghuadong painting, as well as painting, pavilions and pavilions as if a guest first dispersed, hanyuan window yaxue feel tea still warm........

"Baoding tea is green with smoke, while window chess is cold." Although no bamboo can be enjoyed in the ancient city, but there is fun to play. Through flowing rain, listening to the sounds melodious copper bell, eye view antique Ming and qing dynasties buildings, nose to smell mixed local snacks, vaguely visible disparate people to come to my way around: there are tea ma hu merchants, attacks of quyi, attract tourists businessman, right as tea of elegant, idle street... However, I am a stranger wandering in the old street. I don't know the art of pottery and zhu, nor the way of management. I can only watch and stop silently. As soon as I look at it, I immediately conjure up images of the people and the clouds of history over 600 years ago.

Years are like songs. Some songs are very popular at the beginning and then fade like flowers, some songs become old over time. I think the ancient city is the last kind of song. It was born in the decline of the feudal dynasty, long in the new period of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, like a classic old song meaningful, more exciting, more interesting, as long as thousands of years, lasting forever. Although the danggar hall department, cultural temple, performing arts hall, zhenhai xieying and other cultural relics and monuments are gradually eroded by the wind and frost, years of carving knives for them to draw a few deep wrinkles, but it is still an ancient and unchanging city in our memory, an ancient city that can stay nostalgia, the more ancient, the more fragrant.

Life is a play. Each of us is the main character in the play, and each of us is playing his own live play, with no interlude, and no return. The old city may not know, its own live play, after six hundred years, it became a classic historical play, we watched it, called it film, a film written in the ancient city. We tend to call those who lived hundreds of years ago ancient people, but we do not know that years later, we are also ancient people in the eyes of future generations. Even the slightest bit of smoke and rain will become the distant future generations to look at, mourn the memory of the past.

In this way, I would like to do a touch of summer smoke and rain in the ancient city, forever wandering, wandering..........
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2018年08月17日 イイね!

August countryside

The countryside is very lively in August. The noisy, nameless bugs play tirelessly. Children were crying all the time, bears were playing on the televisions of some unknown family, the roar of machines and chainsaws filled the whole village.

The countryside is beautiful in August. The straight path is clean, and the trees on both sides are like guardians, quietly guarding the peace and harmony of the countryside. They are not only so, but also quietly dedicated to the shade and cool, through this, as if at any time someone for you to prop up a huge umbrella, no longer afraid of the burning sun, the heart is very satisfied. Occasionally seen under the shade of the elderly in twos and threes, or sitting or squatting, talking and laughing. There are also busy people who stop to rest their feet and drink water. Looking at the distant crops, smiling, full of joy and gladness.

The road was lined with farmyard, newly built houses, white walls, vermilion doors, and Windows gleaming in the sun. There are vegetable fields in the small yard, where the winter melon and pumpkin crawl on their hands and knees, the great leaves are shining, and under the leaves there are lying tender winter gourds, whose hairy, pale green coats resemble sleeping babies. Thrive on the care of the leaves. The beans craned their necks and scanned the outside world. The most mischievous towel gourds, they also crawl forward, the qiu zhi climb up, tired, sleepy, in some high places to cool. They have long fruit, and swing in the breeze.

Outside the courtyard was a green field. In the fields, large, crawling watermelons, hardy peanut seedlings, isolated soybean seedlings, old corn with trumpet. Green is everything. They are all busy jointing, blossoming and bearing fruit. And ready to be reviewed at any time and place. Breeze blowing, corn and soybean light sleeves, dancing, rustling sound. Suddenly, the fields were covered with waves, like a green surging sea. It is a sea of life and a sea of hope!

Nowhere to be found, the August countryside is most pleasant. August's rural bustle and quiet intersection, poetic and remote coexistence. Sound and color, youziyouwei...
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2018年07月05日 イイね!

I met you in the rain

The heart is deep in love. With drizzle, the sky will be blue, cool wind noise jiangnan rain hazy tender alone cannot describe, in the oiled paper umbrella, rambling along the river green flag, on the road of recounting the deep feeling of the rain, the heart with the charm of the jiangnan water, seems to have miscellaneous clip of flowers in the rain, across the nasal tip.

Looking and looking, it was originally the red medicine of love thought in full bloom by stone bridge, I don't know who it was for. Suddenly I think of that sentence, "I wish to be like a stone bridge, through 500 years of wind blowing, 500 years of rain beating, just beg you to walk across the bridge" infatuation hong kong apartments, children, are the children of love. "What is love in the world? It teaches us to live and die." When I stepped on the stone bridge, the people on the bridge were in a hurry and the green boats rippled under the bridge. But I didn't want to be like them.

Casual look up, but just saw that the building boat painted boat on the boat on the white dress like snow elegant you. The peach-blossom fan in the gentle waving hand, jumps up, steps the waves, the clothes fly in the air, and then stands beside me.

You say, appreciate such beautiful scenery, when there is a beautiful companion. So I had this unexpected encounter with jiangnan Sage CRM.

The west bank of the painting building, the shadow of the oblique willow flowers, there is always your deep love of the beautiful poem. In the afternoon, the lotus wind blew, the fragrance of the courtyard, the faint sound of the piano sounded, melodious and graceful, you said that my dance is only jiangnan's tender feelings, just like the burning peach flowers, the air moving.

You are my life before Buddha begged a thousand years, only to meet. Qing GUI impeccable you, inadvertently into my heart. Like you gently to take my hand, to see the south of the Yangtze river in the smoke and rain of the distant mountains, to see the water on the building pavilion, to see the sky of the homing sail, under the eaves of the swift, distant mountains near the water, everywhere feeling. Or in the spring breeze warm days bridal makeup course, on the central pavilion, accompany you reading a book, poem liquor aforetime life time with you, cook for you fragrant teas, ChuYun long, the passing cloud brocade book, who is the acacia tears.

South of the Yangtze river, a picturesque splashing ink. The sprinkling by the river craves only one person. You are a beautiful dream in the end, and the old mottled alleyway is more and more vague in the wind and rain. Bamboo creek beautiful place, the bead curtain that rolls on that still somebody looks forward to, tao yi ferry, like however blurred sweet through. West lake, under the xileng bridge, you will never see that pure and noble you. The wind blows through the paran.

Jiangnan scenery, can still be seen at that time of deep feelings forbid. Who is the pac-catcher and whose bulrush? I beat the horse to cross the south without you. In the west lake, the poem that sings you to make, send out into a boat, when the flower opens on the stranger, play the song that you make for me, walk the west box that we pass by, climb the west building that we climb, dance your favorite dance.

I have sought you out of the scrolls, I have sought you out of the reflections of the lake, I have sought you out of the scrolls, I have sought you out of the scrolls, I have sought you out of the shadows of the lake, Another day blue misty rain, I didn't know that year in blooming hongyao tablets, stone bridge that wait for you are my avatar, filled with my love for you, just want to drunk a, in the dream, to meet you again in the chiangnan misty rain.
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