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2012年08月10日 イイね!

Sessions Platinum Japan Photo Coverage // Part 3

We've been getting lots of emails and messages on our facebook with people wanting to see more VIP rides, so here we go. Back again with third part of our Sessions Platinum coverage and one of our favorite parts yet. You'll recognize our friend Komatchan's blue Celsior from a feature we did last year. It's looking better than ever! Click here to check it out. Anyway though, why don't we get straight into the photos. Don't forget to check out part 1 and part 2 though!

Photos By: AutonGraphic exclusively for StanceNation.com

関連情報URL : http://www.stancenation.com
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2012年08月10日 イイね!

Sessions Platinum Japan Photo Coverage // Part 2

We've been meaning to post more of the Sessions Platinum coverage for a while now but due to have so many individual car features we had to keep pushing it back. Before we completely forget about this coverage we figured we must post it asap! Most of you should be familiar with this amazing event already that goes down at Fuji Speedway in Japan so we'll get right into some more photos. Look out for more coverage in the next few days brought to you by our newest photographer Rod from AutonGraphic! Click here to check out the first part if you haven't already!

Photos By: AutoNGraphic exclusively for StanceNation.com

関連情報URL : http://www.stancenation.com
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2012年08月10日 イイね!

Sessions Platinum Japan Photo Coverage // Part 1

Every year somewhere around 400+ cars meet at Fuji Speedway for an event held by a Japanese shop by the name of Sessions. The event itself is called Sessions Platinum and it brings out some of the finest cars around, especially those with VIP styling and influence. We've shared random photos of this event before but never really covered it any kind of depth. Fortunately however one of our newest photographers (Rod) was able to make the event so we'll be looking at some of his photos over the next couple of weeks. First set includes about 15 photos that we hope you enjoy. Big thanks to Rod and an even bigger welcome to the team! Looking forward to more of your photos!

Photos By: AutonGraphic exclusively for StanceNation.com

Again, nothing sexier than a slammed big body. Maybe?

Matuun's S2000 sitting on a new set of wheels!

400+ cars in attendance! Gotta love it.

Loving this Mark X from Final Konnexion.

Clean Gloria.

Old school Crown with a twist.

Newer Crown looking just as good...

Another old school Toyota Crown.

Can't go wrong with a Y33 Cima in Japan.

Talk about negative camber, this Chaser's got it!

Really diggin' those SSR SP3 wheels. Timeless wheel.

One of the most famous platforms in Japan, the UCF31 Celsior. Also known as LS430 stateside.

Another awesome Gloria.

関連情報URL : http://www.stancenation.com
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2012年07月01日 イイね!

Down & Out!

It's definitely been a while since we had a proper VIP car on our site that actually wasn't out of Japan. Though, the owner of this particular car is proud to say that all of his inspiration came right out of the land of rising sun. This stunning Lexus LS400 belongs to Wilson Yee out of Southern California and it is easily one of hardest LS's stateside. From the ridiculous drop & extreme fitment to the insane negative camber, there is no denying that it's in a class of it's own. One of the reasons we're so excited to share this car with you is due to lack of proper UCF20/21's stateside here. Let's hope Wilson's ride inspires a few of you out there because we for sure can use more "VIP" stateside.

Photos By: Jon Tran exclusively for StanceNation.com

As mentioned before, Wilson's influence comes straight out of Japan but before we go any further, we gotta warn you that there is a downside to this story. The car is currently for sale, which means it will probably never be what Wilson envisioned when he started building this beauty of a car. However We have a feeling that whatever his next project is it'll be nothing short of amazing. Let's take a look at some specifications now what do you say?

Even though it was one of the last things to be added to the car, the car features a Version Select kit. Version Select is somewhat of a replica kit of Auto Couture kit from Japan. The kit is currently discontinued though which is one of the reasons Wilson had to go the Version Select route. Another reason being he can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on it just to bottom out and destroy the whole thing just a few days later. Makes sense if you think about it.

Wilson is using C-class fog lights which required a little bit of work to fit properly. He also added a custom front grill and in order to ride as low he had to have a custom raised qaud exhaust built, with a 2.5" pipe all the way back.

Where this car really shines it's suspension. Many people don't realize the amount of time and money and goes into getting as much camber as some of these cars. Wilson literally has thousands of dollars in front rcas, custom front knuckles, custom rear upper control arms, rear toe links & rear lower control arms. Don't even get us started on countless of axles he has gone through to finally get it right. It's all part of the game to these VIP guys. At the moment he runs about -12 degrees of camber in the rear and somewhere around -8 up front.

The car sits low on a set of JC VIP full coilovers and in order to accommodate those insane aggressive wheels and camber the rear shocks had to be re positioned. As far as we know it's one of the lowest static UCF21's stateside.

Wilson's first choice of wheels was a set of insanely aggressive Ordens. They were 20x10.5 (+2) 20x12.5 (+2) but they just didn't get the car sitting the way Wilson wanted it to sit. For that reason, he upgraded to a different set of wheels that weren't as aggressive but very far form "mild". The new Garson's are 19x10.5 up front and 19x11.5 in the rear and were polished in and out with black chrome faces. He is also rocking massive 40mm adapters in the rear and 10mm spacers up front. Just amazing if you ask us..take a closer look at the photos below!

The interior is just as clean as the exterior with things like Eclipse double din w/ navigation, all led interior lights & custom trunk set up w/all wood floor. It also features Garson bits and pieces such as the D.A.D Luxury Curtain and neck pads. It's a VIP thing, for those who are confused right about now.

We'll end this feature here with several more high resolution photos shot by the incredible Jon Tran. We gotta give a huge shout out to him as well as Wilson Ye and everyone associated with this build.

If you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at snfeatures@gmail.com. Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your car. We’re always looking for cars to feature! In the meantime we’ll see you guys over on our facebook.

Jic vip full coilovers
Garson wheels 19x10.5/11.5, polished in and out, black chrome faces.
Front rcas
Custom front knuckles
Custom rear upper control arms
Rear toe links
Rear lower control arms
Rear shocks have been re positioned to accommodate wider wheels and more camber
Custom axles

Full body kit, Auto couture rep
C-class fog lights
Black chrome grill
Custom raised qaud custom exhaust, 2.5 all the way back.

Eclipse double din w/ navi.
All led interior lights
Custom trunk set up w/all wood floor.
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2012年06月30日 イイね!

Less = More?

One of the best things that has come with running StanceNation are all the people we meet throughout the world. California to New York, England to Poland and Thailand to Japan, our photographers and fans spread worldwide. In the last few weeks we've been working with our friends out of Sweden on showing off some of their rides. Last week we showed you Albin's incredible Honda S2000, and today we'll be taking a look at this aggressive Nissan 370Z.

Photos By: Arslan Golic exclusively for StanceNation.com

Marcin who is based out of Stockholm, Sweden decided to go the "simple" route with a color change, wheels & suspension, but the finished results were far from "simple". It's one of the meanest looking 370Z's we've ever seen, especially the front end. Despite majority of cars that we post here running negative camber, most people still seem to be against it. We're personally all for it as long as it's done properly, and it's clear that Marcin loves it too! Check out the amount of camber he is running in the photo below. Precisely, it is -8 in the rear and -7 up front.

Just minutes after our friend Arslan started shooting the car he ran into some issues with the military men seen in the photo below. Apparently shooting your car in the middle of Stockholm in front of the Swedish Royal castle isn't prohibited. Huge thanks to Arslan for somehow pulling off so many awesome photos regardless!

Most of the work that was done to this car involved wheels, tires & suspension. In order to get the car sitting the way it does, Marcin had to do a lot more work than a simple drop. For example, up front he added some SPC front camber arms while in the rear he had to add Megan Racing rear camber and traction links as well as SPL rear toe links. After that it was time to mount the insanely aggressive wheels which were imported from right here in the states.

How many of you knew right away what kind of wheels this Z is sitting on? Pretty sure that not too many of you guessed Nessen Forged right? Nessen Forged is an up and coming wheel company based out of Florida and so far it seems like they're doing well. We ran a feature not too long ago of Mick's slammed Nissan 350Z (click here) that also sat on Nessed Forged wheels. Back to Marcin's car though, it sits on massive 20x11 up front and even crazier 20x13 in the rear. That's actually pretty impressive considering there was no body work done besides a roll & pull.

Up front Marcin is running a 255/30/20 tires and in the rear a pair of wide 305/25/20's sit right against the fenders. Suspension wise, his choice was D2 coilovers. Pretty impressive for those nasty Swedish roads..

With that said, we'll leave you with a few more photos like we always do. We have to give a huge shout out to our good friend Arslan from Club JDM Sweden for making this feature happen as well as Marcin himself for wanting to share it with us. Stay tuned for plenty more amazing rides from the beautiful country of Sweden.

If you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at snfeatures@gmail.com. Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your car. We’re always looking for cars to feature! In the meantime we’ll see you guys over on our facebook.

Our Swedish fans have always showed us nothing but love and we truly appreciate that.

Nessen Forged Wheels
20x13" (7" lip) rear and 20x11" (5" lip) front
305/25 rear and 255/30 front
8 degress camber in rear and 7 in front
D2 Track racing coilover
SPC front camber arms
Megan Racing rear camber links
megan racing rear traction links
SPL rear toe links
Rolled & Pulled fenders
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