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2017年06月24日 イイね!

Busy as to borrow cat's hands

Busy as to borrow cat's handsThanks to the information in Web site about the suitable propeller for YS 45 FR I could know the burdening now on Hornet with the same motor isn't matched well, though setting on Tuned pipe make it difficult to know that.
Immediately after getting the notice, I have adjusted pitch of 2 pieces of glass polyester props as usual utilizing pitch gauge. 12-7 would be suitable probably to the point. I have been feeling some mismatching the burdening with 12-6 wooden prop till the former flight, 1 inch more pitch application would cause some good condition of operation in Tuned pipe length adjustment also as well as setting the best needle valve angular position.
Let's try on coming Tuesday.

As mentioned before, PILOT Ace B have a problem that OS 32 FX motor stops unexpectedly after spin maneuver and considerable unburned fuel is contained in the muffler and this phenomena has much to do with motor stop?
As the countermeasure for an inconvenient phenomena, I applied a piece of plastic tube with 1 mm diameter hole inside of muffler pressure silicon tube line intending setting some orifice hole to activate that muffler pressure air goes to the tank freely, but overflowing fuel caused by centrifugal effect while spin maneuver does not comes into the muffler because of 1 mm hole orifice.

Destroyed Fighter is now under repairing condition with desperate effort to be in time for the next flight on Tuesday, just some wooden part grew adhering procedure paying keen attention not to cause discrepancy.
I know that the more accuracy is required if the airplane is a smaller size.
Anyway, even a small model airplane want to be adjusted fairly and the effort is not always an easy task.
Though I'm a geriatric, not a day passes without doing anything, I need more time period a day.
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2017年06月23日 イイね!

Fighter destroyed

Fighter destroyedI destroyed the fuselage of Fighter this morning, while I was processing break-in step on ENYA 20 TV motor. I feel some ashamed to write about this phenomena that it was not destroyed not while the flight but I was guiding it on the ground, just a taxing miss control of my own. Because the nose gear set in Fighter is fixed one and it's lateral direction change is done by rudder and motor control giving some wind flow on the rudder surface. This is relatively difficult for a small model airplane, and it hit on some convex part, it lost main gear from the fixing base of the fuselage, vertical and horizontal stabilizers destroyed together.
This destruction would be fairly repaired before the next flight day, on coming Tuesday.
Over 50 years ago, the concept to wear the silencer or the muffler on the model engines did not exist, because some considerable power down was inevitable if unnecessary parts are set on exhaust port. After that some noise problem as pollution appeared.
Consequently, the motor with muffler is burdened on an old airplane the Center of Gravity comes forward because of muffler weight. As a countermeasure of the displacement of CG, extension of tail moment, shortening of nose moment and just move the main wing position forward on the fuselage in addition to making the battery and servos position backward.
Next one on the way is PILOT Junior Original version is so did to extend the tail moment that is the same as TETRA Rookie 10. More over, as I deeply feel the inconvenience of main wing's Dihedral Angle that causes rolling phenomena when tail down movement was done by rudder action. Though Dihedral angle is applied to establish the stability while straight flight, an excellent proportional system does not require such kind of stabilization construction at all.
Rolling bad habit while Knife edge maneuver is unnecessary movement that should be eliminated if stable maneuver drawing is desired.
So, the main wing would not be make use of that of Rookie 10 but it would be newly fabricated with purely symmetric airfoil shape and of course dihedral angle would be zero degree, flat one.
Recently, accident follows one after another, take care not to follow jinx, If it happen twice sure to do three times!.
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2017年06月23日 イイね!

Professional vs Amateur

I happen to come across with an opportunity to fly with one of a F3A Seed Flyer and actually I had recognized how much different so to speak Flight Style is. There existed apparent dimensional deviation between an amateur flyer for just a playing with it and a professional who is payed by that as his own job. The way of catching the phenomena of flight is fundamentally different from an ordinary flyer. The person's presence on the spot causes some atmospheric change and generate an Aura scattering his good energy around.
Thanks to borrowing his energy, I could fly F3A P-17 maneuver pattern far better than usual training flight alone. I felt that some external stimulation from the outside is indispensable to proceed my flight technique, monotonous and just repeated daily flight done alone is not always good if I could train myself freely without disturbance.
To see actually by my naked eye the desperate effort by the engineers of the factory R & D division is worth experiencing for my superb satisfactory.
Whenever I come across with such an opportunity, I am forced to realize the difference between a layman amateur and professional engineers in the field.
It is very difficult to rise up self consciousness with the right rising and to keep that condition without external energy. Just self-effort, self-evaluation and self-esteem are not enough to do that.
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2017年06月21日 イイね!

Do I make desperate effort?

Net Surfing seeking Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra revealed that how such a different sound they produced in the concert last Saturday. Their activity to hold concert is outstandingly so much in number few times a month everywhere. The opportunities given to KPO made them to produce such a wonderful sound as they gave us. I felt some fundamental difference between an amateur Orchestra and the professionals.
Any professional artist should give some eye-opening impression to the audience and also make them feel to try again at that time if they were salaried for playing instruments.
On the other hand, the requirement for amateur Orchestra is play well without failure, that's all. In short, there exists apparently the difference between them, the reason of different sound is based on that of urgent consciousness level.
The dream in my hobby is to exceed the professional level in F3A Maneuver Competition in spite of my standing point of view as an amateur flyer.
Depending on the concept that we the same human being, and we can do the same if an adequate training and exercise are performed keeping our self consciousness high.
Writing like this is an easy task because it's only an image training, but doing actually following this is not so, even if I might overcome a high wall with desperate effort, next higher wall would be waiting and this tendency endlessly continues one after another.
I don't prefer to spending time without doing anything, but I hesitate repeated difficulties coming on rough, how come?
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2017年06月21日 イイね!

Directional identification

I noticed that a bunch of 2 cycle 45 motors at my hand while I am ignorant, about 25 in number, ENYA, OS, YS, OPS, ROSSI, FOX and K&B. Is it possible to use actually all through my life? Considering all of my circumstance condition, 45 size is the most suitable for me now. So, let's make a planning of next fabrication centering 45 motor size.
I could catch the main wing of Futaba Sky Leaf and prepared I a center carbon pipe for connection, 18 mm diameter with 1 mm thickness and 550 mm length, also holding butterfly shape 4 mm bolts, a horizontal stabilizer for Cap 32 was also available. Now, the designing of fuselage and vertical stabilizer are the tasks to be done ASAP. All the residual parts for continuing every procedure to complete next airplane are already in my junk box.
What I must fight with from now are my innate tendency of sabotage, going toward more sweeter direction and peeping escape habit!
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