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2016年10月16日 イイね!
PILOT Ace Type B
Also PILOT Ace Type B is now under construction, that is the second generation of Ace series, cutting out of its fuselage is over and the stabilizer is almost fabricated.
Power source is an old designed ENYA 29 4B with plane crank shaft bearing, lighter one, I'm released from troublesome ball bearing maintenance. As I have never seen this motor actually under some perfect condition in the field, I dare choose this one in spite of heavier weight compared with recent high performance Shinyure scavenging lighter motors, must I pay attention on CG. Thanks to good covering film material, ORACOVER, I can proceed this kind of work freely without any stress like by Organic Solvent, Acetone.
I'm going to make use of the main wing of TETRA ROOKIE 20 that has supreme performance with Laminar Airfoil designed by Mr. Tangiku, over 45 years ago had I some precious opportunity to fly and to enjoy Hinode Lead multi channel Radio model airplane with him at Muko Riverside in Hyogo Prefecture.
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2016年10月13日 イイね!
MK Star 15 & 60 motor
MK Star 15 designed by Masahiro Kato over 50 years ago is now under construction. As it isn't done from a kit but from pieces of balsa, it takes time and requires much effort. 80 % finished already, but not a few small works remain, I'm sure that it would come in time to next Old Timer & Golden Age meeting held in coming Spring. For the power source of this model airplane, ENYA 20 with conventional cross flow scavenge would be invited, suitable or less power, probably, in case of poor power for stunt flight, OS 25LA would replace, it depends on the finished weight.

As OS 60 FSR motor appeared in Yahoo Auction I bid only at 520 yen like nothing, actually it was sold as a junk motor. After arriving to me, I knew the reason why it was sold at so lowest price, the carburetor holding screw 3,5mm hole was dead showing at the point in the picture. The former owner had bad habit to screw in too tight all the screws even on back cover plate. All of them were loosened with heating method. Braking tightening power must have destroyed 3,5mm screw hole. Re-tapping with 4mm tools could recover the problem safe.
Crank shaft supporting front bearing was ill set, rear seal cover had not been removed and original bearing grease was left untouched. He did not understand the physical property of lubrication, just like a layman. It was lucky that the crank bearings on both side, front and rear could be usable after cleaning. Gas compression construction was not damaged.
Any way, it survived as a useful enough motor after full overhaul including carburetor.
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2016年09月30日 イイね!
MK Star 06 Power Source
A power source for MK Star 06 was selected as OS 11 CZ that is designed for car use, but the comparison of the weight between it and LM COX 09 Medallion obliged me to exchange and re-burden into the latter. Actually, I was at a loss what to do with the Center of Gravity, the battery cell should be positioned just beneath the rudder position if it is meet with CG, how come?
A half weight of the motor, COX 09 Medallion wipes any anxiety and threatening about the problem, so made I up mind to change the power source without hesitation.
Arrived COX 09 motor was disassembled thoroughly as usual and a carburetor mounting part was fabricated with the same manner as that former invited on 15 Medallion. Throttle Valve is that for ENYA 09 this time.
Lost Wax casting method need to make up a wax pattern as shown in a picture. After investment procedure,melt light metal material would be cast under vacuum and high pressure circumstance condition.
As the meeting, Old Timer & Golden Age has been over now, no need to make haste, the procedure would be done one by one.
Also, a slight distortion in the fuselage was corrected after pealing out the covering film.
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2016年09月26日 イイね!
Enjoyable meeting at Uji KyotoParticipating the meeting yesterday, had I the best time at Uji Kyoto, Old Timer & Golden Age Radio Controlled Model Airplane Meeting held by Kansai Model Association, so to speak KMA. Just a one talking communication with any modelers there made intimate and like long lasting friends each other. A few of them in the executive offices was one of my old friends and we had some opportunity to warm our old friendships. My thankful mail to them was immediately returned with regards.

An interesting affair an Auction was held and I bid for the purpose of just rising the price, but, unintentionally had I successful bid on a diesel motor, PAW 35R/C AC made in England. Though I have no interest about model Diesel motors at all, finger playing on this motor last night wake me up my habitual bad disease again, in addition, I bid several items in Yahoo Auction two diesel motors this morning, how come, my headquarter must get angry!
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2016年09月06日 イイね!
MK Super Tiger 102Immediately after coming into my car this morning,had I a mosquito attack on my left arm, because of high humidity and residual summer heat, atmospheric condition outside is not favorable. A big package of Mosquito coil ran short leaving a final envelope. We will have some occasional shower today so weather forecast tells.

A meeting being held at Uji Kyoto is coming across, "Old Time & Golden Age" prepared by KMA. D-Day is September, 25th. I have to remember that relatively long distance driving should be done by myself, because I would leave early Kyoto around noon and turn back to Southern Osaka for stage shooting, my long lasting friend should play as the last stage.

As for my entry Radio Control models, only MK Super Tiger 102 has prepared for the coming meeting as a matter of fact, Pilot Fighter and MK Star 06 are not, almost but not perfect condition.
For the sake of making shift emergency mean, smaller fuel tank, 60 cc would be installed, I know it's too small for Cox Medallion 15. Modified needle valve takes effect without any inconvenience such as fuel leak or pressure leak.

All the rod for moving wing except motor control are connected with expensive 1,8 mm carbon material, extraordinarily lighter weight is the reason. 1 mm thickness Birch plywood is utilized for the horns on rudder and elevator with direct bonding method by gelly type Alfa Cyano acrylate material, strength and wear should be observed and followed up.
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「PILOT Ace Type B http://cvw.jp/b/139985/38704282/
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