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2017年07月29日 イイね!


自動車ショーでクイント(非常にまれな車!)I finally got the SU Quint/Quintet ready to drive on the road! I still have a lot of improvements to make, but it is a gradual process.

But I'm very glad to be using such a rare car. It took me about 10 years to find one for sale. I think there are only 3 left, including this car and my friend's car.

I enjoy driving it so much. Since it is nice weather at teh moment, I have even been driving it to the office.

I took it on a long journey to see a friend, so I was happy that it would be able to drive long distances. Usually if you can drive a car for 30 minutes at high speed, it means you can drive anywhere. If there's a problem with the cooling system, you will find out quickly.

Anyway, my intention was to take it to an annual show called "Festival of the Unexceptional". It's a car show for rare old examples of ordinary cars. Instead of regular classic cars and sports cars, you are more likely to see old family cars. It's about 210km from my house, so it's a long way. I also took a lot of photos...

As I arrived in the Quint, my friends arrived in their BG Familia-323 4-door. They have the M10 Prairie seen previously!

The interior is so cool.

This is a British-built Auster-Bluebird.

ST165 Celica GT-Four was not the type of car you expected to see at this show, but I enjoyed seeing it.

Rover 213 is based on the Honda Ballade second-generation. The 213 uses the Honda engine and the 216 uses a Rover engine.

This is an older Auster-Bluebird, it was probably built in Japan. The earliest type were all imported.

A later Auster-Bluebird owned by the editor of the magazine I write for!

This Rover 414 SLi is almost the same as my father's old car, he had the 200 version - 214 SLi.

EP70 Starlet is rare here as we did not import many. I think it was due to import quota limitations. There was only one grade using a 1.0L engine.

Talbot Avenger is the final version we received of the Avenger series.

Austin Montego Countryman! These were popular. I'd really like a Montego.

Rear-engined Skoda S100 was produced in Czechoslovakia.

Citroen Visa is the predecessor to the AX. I used to see these all the time when I was younger, but as they are a cheap car most of them were scrapped.

MG Metro is a collectable classic car, but I liked the condition of this one! This is what they looked like during the 1990s.

The Rover SD1 was used in my area as a police car, it had a great-sounding V8 engine. This is the luxury Vanden Plas version.

Lada Riva was the export name for Russian VAZ-2104/2105 series.

Bedford CF was a very popular van, I still see a few as a camping van but never as a regular van.

Until quite recently, the Volvo 340 was seen everywhere! But the 3-door was always quite rare.

Beautiful Lancia Trevi. I really wanted this!

Opel Manta B, later version. For many years, there was a white one of these near my friend's house.

My friend's Bluebird 610 Wagon, sold here as Datsun 180B. For me, this was one of the best cars at the show.

Fiat Strada, also known as Ritmo. It's amazing to see one.

It's impossible to see two!

Nissan Sunny B110, sold here as Datsun 1200. This is owned by another friend who last year took his Nissan Laurel C231. It's a very basic version without a radio or carpets!

Renault 19 was extremely popular in the 1990s, but is now almost never seen.

I always like to look at any Ford Sierra, because my father owned two of them.

Citroen XM has very sharp-edge styling, I would like to try driving one.

Polski-Fiat 126P was the Polish-assembled version of the 126. Many people see this as the national car of Poland, where they call it "Maluch" (small one).

Austin Metro Vanden Plas is the luxury version of this small car, I like the two-tone paint!

I followed this Vauxhall Nova (Opel Corsa A) on the way to the show, but I lost it after a while.

Triumph Acclaim, the British-built version of the Honda Ballade first-generation. This car has the most in common with my Quint, but only a few parts are the same.

Vauxhall Cavalier (Opel Ascona C) "Calibre". This was a very rare aero kit version.

Safari Y60, sold here as Nissan Patrol. It looks tough.

Another Vauxhall Nova, I always liked this blue paint.

Barkas B1000 from former East Germany is also a useful picnic site.

The Fiat Tipo was very popular in the 1990s, I always liked the styling.

The older Renault 5 can still be seen in rural France as an every day car, but it's rare here.

Apart from 1980s Hyundai dealers, this is probably the only time there has been three of the Hyundai Stellar in the same place. It's based on a mixture of Ford and Mitsubishi. It has the same 1.6L engine as my Galant.

Peugeot 104 was difficult to get a good photo, but the wheels must be difficult to keep clean.

Lada Samara (VAZ-2108) was one of the last Russian vehicles to be sold here officially.

Pulsar N10 Wagon, sold here as Datsun Cherry. The Wagon is extremely rare! It's really cool.

I always felt the rear bumper looked like it would be quite weak in an accident.

Fiat Cinquecento isn't seen often now, but when I was younger they were all over the place.

However, I don't remember ever seeing a Fiat 132. It looks so great! I wanted to take it home.

Ford Consul is seen at car shows sometimes, but this is the very basic "L" version.

Vauxhall Royale (Opel Senator A) was the most luxurious Vauxhall of that time.

I couldn't get a good front photo of this Lancia Delta. Amazingly, it is the "LX". It's rare to see any type other than the HF Delta Integrale.

I still have more photos to post up from the main competition arena, but for now here is a photo I took after the show. A few of us went to a family restaurant. We made the parking area look like the old days.

I'll do the rest of the photos soon!
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2017年05月28日 イイね!

Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone CircuitEarlier this month, I attended a car show as part of a group representing the car magazine I'm currently writing for. It was at the famous Silverstone Circuit.

I used the Prelude. I planned to take my BF5P Familia-323, but there is a problem with the front wheel hub and I wasn't able to buy the new part in time for the show.

I was next to this Accord Aerodeck.

Also, this CR-X with Mugen CF-48 wheels.

My friend was here in a Prairie M10. If you have followed my blog for a while, you may think you recognise it, but actually it is a different one!

The AZ-1 is an import, I've never seen one closely before this.

This is a CedGlo 430, known here as the 300C. We didn't get versions with the basic headlights, but the owner has fitted them.

VehiCross is another import, I have seen one of these in my city before!

This is a custom version of a Cosmo JC.

Z32 Fairlady/300ZX. If I owned one of these, I would make sure it is red with the T-Tops so it's like the one from Special Criminal Investigation (S.C.I) by Taito. That was one of my favourite arcade games...

Datsun 200L, or Laurel C130. We only received the C130 as a 4-door in the UK.

Soarer is another import. I can't remember what type it was, I think it was the 3.0 GT.

The magazine editor drives this SM-X.

There was an early DR30 too! I think it's a very recent import, it still has writing on the windscreen.

This Sunny Truck was in great condition!

Finally, my friend arrived in this Applause. I'll explain more about this car later!

Anyway, this is what was in the magazine area. I'll show some more cars from this show later.
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2017年03月13日 イイね!


フォードフィエスタI had the chance to borrow this car for a short while, it's a 1989 Ford Fiesta 1.1 Popular Plus, early third-generation model.

Although it has low mileage (about 60,000km), the condition is untidy as the owner was only using it as a cheap car. Their family has owned it since 1990!

About 5 years ago, you would still see these quite regularly, but nowadays they have become fairly rare, especially early type ones like this. The third-generation Fiesta was 1989 to 1997.

The paint has faded a lot and you can see some rust problems. The front and rear valances (under the bumper) have been painted black to cover old rust.

There's also some damage to the door and tailgate, also some rust under the fuel filler cap and a hole in the rear valance. Over the years, I've known a lot of people with third-generation Ford Fiestas. It's a popular ordinary car, the closest equivalent in Japan at the time would be the Nissan March or Toyota Starlet. The new Fiesta is a lot bigger though.

Basic Fiestas in "untidy" condition remind me of the cars my friends would have as a first car. It's quite nostalgic! Back then, people would usually save money from a job and buy the cheapest car available. Nowadays, even young drivers seem to drive new cars.

This engine is the 1.1L HCS, an old OHV engine. It's the smaller version of the 1.3L engine in my old Escort. On these engines, the tappets can become loud so they make a tap-tap-tap noise as you drive around. My Escort's engine was quiet, but this one is quite loud and runs a little bit rough too, but an old-fashioned mechanic will be able to fix it. I also notice some oil leaks!

The Popular Plus is quite a basic model, so you don't get many features. But it has a digital clock!

The seats are basic, but quite comfortable.

Anyway, I don't want to add this car to my collection as there's too much work needed. But I hope I can find it a new home.

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2017年02月12日 イイね!


雨と霧At the moment, I'm writing a new magazine article about the original Subaru Alcyone. It's known here as the "XT" and is an extremely rare car. In my whole life, I've only seen one! They were popular in America, though. It's a good time to write, since it's very cold and raining outside.

In that photo, I had driven to Nottingham to see a friend and there was a lot of fog on the empty country roads. Sometimes I could only see about 10-15m in front of me, I had to drive extremely slowly. Even the main motorway was terrible, I had to drive about 40mph (65km/h) in areas where the speed limit is 70mph (110km/h).

I drive this 323-Familia often, so I'd like to fit some front fog lights. I've got some 1980s-era rectangular shape ones to fit below the bumper. I also plan to upgrade the headlight bulbs for PIAA ones for better light.

Lately I've been playing old racing games on the Sega Saturn. Before I could drive for real, I would play racing games instead. I especially liked "Overdrivin' GT-R". I got the TV a few months ago from a junk shop, it's a Sony Trinitron from 1989. The picture quality is great!

I also took photos yesterday of some local food I like to have during winter.

It looks like Fish and Chips. Actually, it's Yorkshire Fishcake and Chips. The usual type of Fishcake in England is fish mixed with mashed potato, stirred together and fried in batter.

That's the "normal" national type of Fishcake.

Instead, the Yorkshire Fishcake is made from a separate layer of mixed fish and sliced potato. The fish part is usually made from fish ends - tails and heads. A fish restaurant would use the main body of the fish for Fish and Chips, then use the ends for Fishcakes.

When I was younger, this was available in most "Chip Shops" (fish restaurant). But it's difficult to find it now, most places only sell the regular national type of Fishcake. I only know a few places who still sell the old Yorkshire Fishcake. Even if you came to England, you would need to come to my region to find it. Maybe you can find a recipe and make it, haha.

Anyway, I'm going to write some more about the Alcyone!
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2017年01月17日 イイね!


エコノミートラベルMy latest article has been published. Actually, it was published just before Christmas, but I only got the magazine just now. It's called "Economy Travel" and it's about small hatchbacks. I covered five different models: Nissan Micra (March K10), Suzuki SA310/Swift (Cultus SA), Toyota Starlet P70, Subaru Justy J-Series and Mazda 121 (Ford Festiva DA).

There's some other interesting articles in there too, a large feature about the Daihatsu Charade GTti G100 (GTti was the European name of the GTXX with 993cc EFI Turbo) and my friend did a long article about the history of Nissan Electric Vehicles. I haven't read all of it yet.

The magazine is currently for sale, so I've hidden the words again. You can see the pictures, though. I scanned these from some of my old brochures. However, I can show you some extra pictures we didn't use.

This is the earliest type K10. Although it was from a British brochure, the photographs showed left-hand-drive cars. I like the simple design of these cars.

They used the MA-series engine, which is an all-alloy design with very low weight. This engine is quite strong! Even if you don't change the oil, they will run for years. The only common problem I can remember is head gasket failure.

You'll know this as the Cultus, but here it was called "SA310" (SA series, 3-cylinder, 1.0L). After a while, they changed the name to Swift. The main advantage of the SA310/Swift was the high level of equipment compared to rivals.

The GL grade had a digital instrument cluster, which was very unusual at the time. The display would show you the current gear, even though it had a manual gearbox! I don't know of any other cars with this feature.

Later, they changed the front end appearance. At this time, they updated the rear suspension from leaf spring to torsion-beam and introduced a sports version called the GTi. It's the same as the Cultus 1300 GT-i. Many people think it's the best "hot hatch" of that period, the performance and handling are excellent.

You may be surprised that the Starlet P70 is quite a rare model, even though the previous FR-type P60 was very popular. At the time, there was a limit on how many cars you could import from Japan. Toyota had a very large range in the 1980s, so they decided to only bring one type of Starlet E70, the 3-door 1.0 GL. This was a special engine tuned for economy, so it was quite slow, but it had a 12-valve design so it was smooth running.

The main advantage of the Starlet was the high quality. The interior didn't feel like a city car, it felt like a Corolla, but smaller. It's a shame we didn't get the sports models.

We got the Justy, but only as 4WD version. The only other small 4WD available at that time was the Fiat Panda 4x4. Both were very good cars, but the Justy is more easy to drive. It was popular with people who lived in rural areas who wanted a small 4WD. Even today, I still see them sometimes. I've heard they are still popular in some other European countries.

It's normally front-wheel-drive, but you press the "4WD" button on the gearstick to activate 4WD, it would appear on the instrument display. It's a really cool feature. Even though Subaru only made one generation of Justy, people in Europe still wanted to buy it. Subaru put their badges on the second-generation Suzuki Cultus 4WD.

The Justy instrument display reminds me of the cars from Sega Hot-Rod, if you can remember that, haha. It's the game with 3 or 4 steering wheels.

Finally, here's the Mazda 121, the European export version of the Ford Festiva. I've talked about this car before. This grade is the SunTop with an electric roof. My friend has owned these and says they're quite fast!

The brochure also had this photo of a girl enjoying the seats. They're similar to the seats in my later-type BF 323-Familia, so I can agree they're quite comfortable.

Anyway, that's my article. But a few days ago I saw a car I thought you would find interesting!

It's a V20 Camry! It was in really good condition. I've seen it driving around before, the owner is quite a young guy.

It's the 2.5L V6 GXi, which is a really nice grade. You can see my car in front. Unfortunately, I didn't see the owner, but if I see them some time I'll talk to them.
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