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2018年06月19日 イイね!

Film coated "Erica"

Film coated "Erica"Film coating with Oracover on "Elica" has been completed relatively smoother than usual. Simple 2 colored with Cub yellow and Purple clear to obtain the confirmation of flying attitude. Recognition for the direction of the fuselage and the main wing inclination is the first purpose while she is in the sky.
Larger main wing area might be suitable for 60 Schnurle motor, but I have chosen OS 55 AX motor with normal muffler following the regulation by Cassiopeia 70 class competition.
Nobody participating in the meeting would not bring any High wing model for F3A meneuver competition, but I do that. Mixing function would cover bad habit enough to keep straight flight while Knife Edge phase including aileron differential function establishing rolling axis. Improved controlling stick smoother function in Futaba 10J entry Tx model would be helpful.
Fully DIY designing and costructing High wing model might be outstanding among China made ARF pure stunt airplanes.
Controlling servos would be Futaba Digital 4.8V S9255 for Helicopter Rudder use.
Let's see what will happen in the competition scenery.
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2018年06月19日 イイね!

Aftershock this morning

We had some aftershock around 5 o'clock this morning, metal storm doors were trembling. Though I was afraid of more shock like yesterday after that, no more shock was observed. Thanks to the desperate effort by the engineers and the retention measures, Hankyu Rail Road are now in normal operative condition for all the lines. I would like to take Kobe line and Kyoto one this morning for the purpose of checking my working place hoping nothing inconvenient happened by the Earthquake shock.
Radio news told some miserable report that an elementary school girl was killed by a heavy block fence, sandwiched unluckily. Many flowers and bouquet were there praying for the souls. Hanshin Awaji Big Earthquake occurred tens years ago was remembered in my mind, praying never to come back again such a miserable destruction.
Dangerous constructions and buildings are not recognized until some resultant collapse and destruction might happen. More checking and correction by the Administration should be performed before the disastrous affair.
Repeated Natural disaster shows that our sophisticated Scientific technology cannot control natural phenomena enough to avoid any accidents.
A happy day today will not always come tomorrow.
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2018年06月18日 イイね!

Gas supply stopped

Recent Gas Supply meter has safety auto cut off mechanism and it was activated by the shake caused by the Earthquake this morning.
Automatically hot water supply stopped in my house, in addition bathing room has also problem, no hot water.
Thanks to the description in Osaka Gas HP, I could recover it's original function safe.
The fact that the telephone line connected with the dealer is so crowded, not a few people must be in trouble of no Gas supply.
Anyway, the natural disaster like this morning influences to many directions.
Workers and students must have some tremendous inconveniences because of stopped traffic.
My friend told me that the bridge on Yodo River is so crowed with the pedestrians unusually, and even now Hankyu Kyoto line is not activated.
Some system must had been destroyed on the rail way, I hope it would be recovered next morning with my best thanks for the desperate effort by the workers in the maintenance area.
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2018年06月18日 イイね!

Earthquake at Osaka this morning

Earthquake at Osaka this morningEarthquake broke out this morning at Osaka area with M5.9 degree and all the traffic is out of order now. Emergency vehicles are running about with warning siren. My family must have remembered the huge Earthquake happened few years ago involving thousands of victims, Hanshin Awaji Big Disaster. The infrastructures around my living place were destroyed at that time, abominable memories.
All the railroad are stopped and some of the train did on the way with fully burdened in this commuting time zone. Not a few workers and students in the train must have influenced inconveniently.
My son took the way to go to the working place by bike without hesitation.
Probably the road traffic is crowded unusually, so I determined not to go outside today unnecessarily.
No harm was obtained in my living place but I'm anxious about my working room, many things are put and hug here and there.
I hope no damage would not be recognized when I visit there.
An unexpected affair happens any time, what must be done before the disaster occurs.
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2018年06月15日 イイね!

Tx stick smoothness in Futaba 10J

Tx stick smoothness in Futaba 10JImprovement of smoothness on Gimbals stick in Futaba 10J transmitter has remarkably recommended by applying the carbon led powder between neutral guiding lever surface and guiding pin.
According to my experience on the shutter trigger when I disassembled Leica M3 old model, several materials were applied at that portion, Teflon powder Microflon, 2 Molybdenum sulfate, and Carbon Led Graphite Led powder.
Carbon led graphite powder had some advantage among the materials tested especially in the condition of short distance, slow movement and relatively high pressured slipping scenery.
This same concept was applied on the transmitter gimbals construction because I had been suffered from some uneven movement phenomena in aileron, elevator and rudder stick actions. Slipping resistor changes and the stick movement transition is not always acceptable to set and keep the stick angular position when vertical flight. This is why I determined to replace the lubricating materials from ordinary Silicon grease to Carbon graphite powder.
Now I have no complaint on the gimbals stick movement in 10J transmitter as a matter of fact. Next actual flight would prove that the change of lubricant should be effective enough to compete with the other applicants who all are armed with the most sophisticated proportional system 18MZ. Defeating higher weapon with the cheaper arm is my way.
The reliability of the Radios between them are the same however cheaper it may be, so the requirement at the competition scenery is nothing but the skill of the pilot, eye sight to the moving thing and my own quick finger reactive movements.
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「Film coated "Erica" http://cvw.jp/b/139985/41626277/
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