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2018年05月25日 イイね!

Worthy meeting yesterday

I had a great time with a very important person who had been in a top of the AI and VR field, the time interval lasted as long as 6 hours.
He had the experience to work with some researchers in National Universities and he show the articles about that prior to our meeting.
Checking the articles, the contents was not so movable as I desired. The direction of the research is not clear, but abstract just to prove that they did something new with collaborations.
Official terminology, Orthopantomograph should be invited in the article, this is a common sense, but Panoramic Radiograph was used that is commonly used among the ordinary general practitioners. They are not a GP but a researcher, no?
They should feel some shame to have used such a unsuitable word in the article that would retain in future.
I'm afraid to say that the method of Orthopantomography lacks the accuracy because of the basic concept of Tomography producing mm order distorted discrepancy, so the method is not appropriate to be used as a reliable reference.
Also, no further following experimental research is shown by them since the first publication in 2010, just a single shot one. They just wanted to be a pioneer of the collaboration?
Any research that has no purpose with no clear direction to go easily looses speed and stalls finally.
The purpose to meet with him yesterday is not to obtain some selfish reputation for myself, but to contribute myself to their professional " Facial Recognition System" showing some technique to change the Face.
There exists some discrepancy of recognition each other even after 6 hours lasted meeting. The continuation would be done if there is a future opportunity.
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2018年05月23日 イイね!

Visiting the Face Recognition Laboratory Room tomorrow

As I'm going to visit the Laboratory Room of a very special person tomorrow, I studied a bit about "Face Recognition", he is now in the most sophisticated position in their field. So, the visitor who is an ignorant like an infant might be very impolite at all. I should know about their field not a little, how much effort was required to come to a now a days situation and what kind of method of recognition are reported till now. I can imagine how much difficulty was overcome to come the situation now.
Probably, would talk about a disguised spay changing some part of face.
The way to do that is not always depended on the change of layout such as that of eyes and eyebrow, nose tip, lip figure, and constructive ratios.
What I could propose about the changing some scaling position, change of upper incisor position by wearing some additional artificial surfaces on the innate anterior buccal surfaces, 2 to 3 mm movement to anterior direction is enough to change into a completely different personality.
Also the change of centric occlusion jaw position to 1 cm higher does the same, aspect ratio change causes a person to be a different person.
The change of the Upper Anterior position and increase of the vertical dimension of centric occlusion are the easiest way of disguise from our professional standing point of view.
Contrary, the accuracy of Face Recognition system would make progress if my proposal about disguise mentioned above is programmed additionally as a variable factor.
We will talk about that tomorrow.
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2018年05月23日 イイね!

Difficulty in mixture control

Adjusting OS 3H carburetor on OS 32 FX in an unstable condition because of some banish and dust clogging at the nozzle portion, I found out some physical tendency that the rate of muffler pressure affect on the A/F mixture at middle speed rotation. The diameter of the muffler pressure nipple affect on the mixture control,in relation with the fuel squeezing mechanism.They have much to do with the rotational condition, hi-middle-low transition.
In case I invite YS fuel pressurized regulating system, such kind of nervous and precise adjustment is not required, only the regulator adjsuting screw angular position is the key to control in addition to the lowest mixture. As for lowest mixture, I would often the best adjustin screw position when spining maneurver, stops or continues.
YS system does not require any sensitive adjustment except regulator, also muffler pressure nipple is replaced into closing hole screw.
I preferr YS system to ordinary muffler pressurizing fule supply however another manufacturer's motor is burdened on my model airplane.
My OS 25 LA motor has pressure nipple to invite it to YS regulator with good operation and response at any rotation, also this small motor has a history to be modified increasing main Schnurle port by myself following OS 25 FSR, and the operating performances are almost the same if used under 13,000 RPM, the advantage of LA model is lighter weight.
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2018年05月23日 イイね!

Carburetor clogging

The carburetor in model motor often causes fuel piping circuitry clogging if it isn't used as long as half a year interval.
At the time when I brought PILOT Ace B with OS 32 FX motor burdened 3H carburetor, such kind of problem was found.
The phenomena is like that, main needle response is dull, the rotation at hi-speed needed to make the mixture rich required much loosing turns. In order to obtain some necessary RPM keeping richer condition the needle position was changed into more opened angular position compared with the usual angle. Also, fuel squeezing at lowest speed was changed into more opened position.
This kind of unusually unstable fuel control is caused by the clogging error in the carburetor or fuel piping circuitry, according to my long experience can I conclude like this.
The competition meeting at Toyooka would be held at the end of this week that is the last meeting to be held there, no more meeting at Toyooka in future for the convenience of the Government Office.
The maintenance work for the carburetor would be performed today and the result would be tested tomorrow keeping the best condition.
The broken micro servo for rudder control is replaced into a more stout mini servo, E-Max 9258, driven at 4.8 V with metal gear hi-speed.
Because I didn't have a adequate servo at that time, chose I a tiny micro servo while fearing with the reason of operating torque, a weak case construction came into breakage, the load at rudder control in addition to the nose gear connection was too heavy and too destructive for a smallest micro servo. Too much burdening on the weak mechanical construction led to some fundamental decay as a matter of fact.
Remembering my past bitter experience, a poor and weak flying tail construction on the horizontal stabilizer in YOSHIOKA Pegasus Acro led to breakage at that portion and it was lost completely with missing.
Anyway, too weak construction led to an accident wherever it might be.

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2018年05月18日 イイね!

Piled difficulty in front of me

Publication in English language is considered in addition to Japanese. Probably it would take me more few month from now, 100,000 Japanese letters into English is not always an easy task for me, with not ordinary expression but some formal and academic way of that.
The terminology in our field is not so difficult because I had some communications with US experts in some Medical center in the state of Washington, UCLA and USC.
More harder works are waiting for me, I must do that if it is decided.
Taking photos work in the clinical procedures must be overcome at any rate soon.
Though I determined to retire from my field a year ago, my working as a researcher began again, in comparison, I'm far busier than before 30 years ago, how come?
Thank to the relation with my intimate friend, one of my the most admirable person, I could make some appointment to visit the Laboratory Room in Grand Front Umeda Osaka.
There must be tremendous information that has much to do with my work now.
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「Worthy meeting yesterday http://cvw.jp/b/139985/41521874/
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